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VI Seconds

"Pokemon Rap - Body Bag"

[Intro: Shizzy Sixx]
It's been five months big dog
Let's show 'em that we still got it
Bars, put in work

[Verse 1: shofu]
I got my snapback, bag packed, and my Pokedex
WDFA, ain't gotta finish that, you know the rest
Coming through my city with no badges you get no respect
Merk you till there's no one left, body bag, open chest
Collecting these bodies
I say "you can't beat me", they callin' me c*cky
Why would I act any different
When there ain't a soul or a person or thing that can stop me
They wanna be shofu cause they can't beat shofu
They Ditto, they copy, this Gold on my body
It's funny, I'm growin'
You hating me cause of a passionate hobby
You giving me Moxie
I'm bossin' trainers I feel like Giovanni
I always got some bad pus*y beside me
These hoes using Bind and I can't get 'em off me
I'm flinching you steady, Jirachi Jirachi
Better call a Nurse Joy for your injuries
All you Zubat n*ggas ain't seein' me
I'm the king of this rap sh*t, disagree
All you b*tches get OHKO'd, Guillotine
I got a team of threats and they hittin' heavy
They shocking more than this Pikachu
I got a Bisharp you better knock it off
Cause he knockin' more than your speakers do
I don't give a f*ck if I'm 87
Playin' Pokemon till the death bed
I'm a Fire-type cause that's what I spit
You a Ghost-type cause you been dead

[Verse 2: Shizzy Sixx]
Twitch and get merked seamless
Lord Helix with words see this
Beast with the words be this
One flyer than Bird Jesus
Work, I epitomise catastrophe
No amount of votes could set back this anarchy
Blasphemy, thinking you can amount to this trust it
To reach my strength use six Power Up Punches
Nothin' but shockin', this is Electric Terrain
You Play Nice, I Play Rough, we far from the same
Uh, grippin' arms, when I'm spittin' bars y'all think
And realize I got more styles than Vivillon's wings
That's number 666, and what I'm bringing is flame
Heavy armed, a jab will get your car binked out it's shape
Or I'll let that Boom Burst, battle I, fear homi's
All my wins have been transparent
In other words, a Clear Body
Suicune, the illest y'all feelin' me here
If not I'll come with two more arms
That's Diggersby's ears n*gga

[Verse 3: shofu]
Look, battle me, boy that's something you'll all regret
Life's a game of Pokemon
And you ain't got your starter yet
I ain't even started yet
Lock On, got my target set
Come at us get blown back
Hide my tail, Wobbufett
I strong body Hammer Arm
You just a nail when the hammer's out
Litwick to a Rotom-Fan
It's nothin' to blow your candles out
You came with the weapons
I came with the Ekans
I'm sprayin' the venom
I'm slaying your section
I'm level 100
You hit level 7
I'm eating it up and I'm staying for seconds

[Verse 4: Shizzy Sixx]
Pray for protection there's no one to hide you
He got that Ekans I got that Seviper
Say that you OHKO, but you not the type to
I'll body anyone up in the cypher
I'm hearing y'all talk and it's nothin' but whispers
The moment I step in y'all lookin' like Espurr
Staring and glaring, y'all hate that I merk sh*t
Ironic y'all sour but sweeter than Swirlix
Raw, if I decide to hold a rugah
Most of your body gettin' rounds, like Hoopa
The hottest thing surfin', don't play with him
Or one of them rounds turnin' into cannons, Volcanion
And we're back b*tch!

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