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VI Seconds

"Mom (epic family guy rap song)"

Shizzy be that
Riot to that

Let me start this of
With a giggity-giggity
I'm a family guy
You whole cripple
Be feeling me
Really see?
I'm brawl
All my fans screaming
You' the sh*t
Cause I'm on the ball
Like a motherf*ckin' Peter Schmidt
Now, who is this?
A Brooklyn boy
With stewie griffin's weaponry
You're dumber than Jillian
Trying to stop me from counting my salary
Remember me?
Disaster I got the recipe
Like Lois when she boxes
I'm known to chin check MC's
Claim your money straight
Stop it
Y'all like chris' monkey
Staying in the closet
Thinking you're matching my height
Try it
b*tch, I'm flyer than Glenn Quagmire
On auto-pilot
My b*tch bad and we steady flying
That's why you're steady trying f*ck my braud
Like Brian
I am Christobel
With the auto-styling
I'm peter when he had his own country
A f*cking tyrant
As for your misses
She know that i make her squirt
So she f*cking with the boy
Like Herpert the pervert
The reaper in this b*tch
Don't get bodied, n*gga
Got your mamma screaming in my room
Like Ollie Williams
I'm so slick
Suicide known to go in
Stenchy with my bread
You'd swear I'm Mort Goldman
I hear people saying
How they let them [?]
But it's the alcohol talking, [?]
Not the drunken clam
Come at me with that bullsh*t
I'll wrangle ya
I body big n*ggas
Fat guy strangeler
I say it with mind
So I let my chest show
When I put you n*ggas
In a wheelchair like joe
Let's go
Take your braud time offer the cash
Put them balls in her mouth
While I'm [?] her ass
Got a problem
Get sword in half
? scratchin'
Fall from a rash
Laser beams
And I'm lettin' them off
Got your braud fetching my [?]
Like Jesse the Dog
Claim you ahead
Get it servered off
For when you can't play period
Like menopause
You're braud like courtis
So I'm bound to thrash
While you're howling
"no no no!"
Like Cleveland
When his house is smashed
Better dash
Adam West
With his f*cked up head
Got b*tches like: "I love you daddy"
And I'm like: "shut up, Meg"
Chris as a jedi
With the best lines
You best die
You know you can't catch me
Like the greased up deaf guy
And the fact it's real
Leaves all you fools hurt
Just like Stewie
When the dog chewed up Rupert
Doctor Hartman is in this game
Get with the plan
Cause I'm getting in that ass
Like his prostate exam
Oh, you want a battle of wits?
That's your funeral
I'll end you
And you won't come back
Like Muriel
I'm something new
Something fresh
Someone f*cking proper, fool
Someone they don't quite understand
Like the Bottomtooths
Bound to blow up on these n*ggas
Like a heat seeker
[?] I'm actually fly
So I'm fighting chickens like Peter
Out to do this bigger
Than Glenn's right hand
After weeks of porn
[?] news
Like Tom and Diane
And Tricia Takanawa with power
There's no better cause
Mister superman no here
Hence why I run sh*t
But you there's no hope see
You say that you're dope
But you sound so Opie
Unlike me I'm a problem in the booth
And it's something
I knoooooooooooowwww
And that's [?]
A former bully victim going famous
Getting girls to suck on my wood
Like Seamus
Riot gang play us
Doubt it n*ggah, we know
I'm the most popular
Connie D'Amico
Out to leave these dudes crying
Trying to snatch my spot and die
Like new Brian
One you can't see like
Close two eyelids
Hip-hop's cool new highness
Big deal
Showing ya real monster
Growing back [?]
Like Peter's real father
Steady on the grind
Getting it poppin'
Like [?]
I'm f*cking finished now
Play me of Johnny

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