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VI Seconds

"Champion (The Best League Of Legends Rap)"

Imma try to go through all the names, everyone!
This might take a while

Pardon while I spit and establish that I don't play ock
A legendary blade swinger, I'm feeling like Aatrox
Gettin' more tail than Ahri's back
They're vanishing, when I'm finished like Akali
That's the way I get sh*t done
You can choose to be mad at her
Or say: "I'm on some bullsh*t" like Alistar
But it's known, I'm a threat
From the moment I come through
You shed tears? Then it's a wrap
That's Amumu
The coldest thing flying, I'm living life as Anivia
Come at me, I go Annie and flick a flame at your Tibia
Scatter every Ashe when I choose to let my sh*t bang
I go into overdrive, motherf*cking Blitzcrank
I'll burn every Brand you wear
My sh*t's blazing
Cajun, long range
Headshot, that's Caitlyn
Aiming at your movements
You kats are no leaders
Y'all more like snakes, that's Cassiopeia
You're looking at a pro that's making sure you know that
I'm a terror to any void that I enter, Cho'gath
Get blown back, y'all bore me
I'm dropping bombs like Corki
Darius swinging his axe
Things about to get gory
Out of this world
I dance on the moon with Diana
Lyrically Dr. Mundo, y'all guinea pigs that I plan to
Execute like I'm Draven or maim to say the least
Got here from running the web so much, I rival Elise
Young, but I'm a veteran, my life choice is to get in
You're married to rap? I'm making it a widow like Evelynn
A prodigy, Ezreal
It's evident this lyricist
Is a harbinger of doom, I'm rap's Fiddlesticks
I got Fiora's number
We can duel if you wish
Shake you up until you Fizz
I'm Galio in this b*tch
I'm fly and I'm hardbodied, give a f*ck what your gang thinks
I'm out to sail and get treasures
I'm on my Gangplank
Walking with a sword big as Garen's when I slay
Punch drunk like Gragas
I swing and I'm digging Graves
I live with the shadow of war
Hecarim in my presence
Heimerdinger reinventing music's very essence
Teaching all you fools a lesson
Better yet I've said enough
I'll just let you view the will of the blades, Irelia
You make it rain while I make it storm past Janna
Jarvan IV, you, want no problems
I'm from a royal family who's always down to attack
You fellas saying you ballin'
But all you playin' is Jax
Defending my tomorrow, that's Jayce
Yours is Jinx
Cause Karma's a b*tch that don't give a f*ck what you think
Embrace death like Karthus
I get it when I let the savage in
Kassadin, Katarina, I'm sinister, the assassin's in
Damaging, passing out my record with every tale
Of murder that comes with me while staying righteous like Kayle
Kennen steady shocking anybody tryna stop Sixx
Taking all the strength from my prey Like Kha'zix
sh*t will get ugly as Kog'Maw
Thinking you can ease in
You've been decieved like LeBlanc
You can't see me like Lee Sin
Radiant as Leona
Cold as Lissandra's ice moves
Purifying this game like Lucian, how I like to
The most loaded of Lux, you better learn to act right
Cause I go twice as hard as skin on Malphite
This sh*t I'm on snaps your noise
Malzahar, a prophet coming out the void
Of the underground, I'm burning loud
What you bout, bai?
My whole team burning strong tree, Maokai
I'm Master Yi's master B from being the coldest rhymer
I've made you Miss Fortune, I'm armored like Mordekaiser
You'll fall like Morgana tryna clone 'cause you're not me
I'm in full control of my wave like Nami
A dog baby, Nasus
Living titan, that's Nautilus
On the prowl like Nidalee
You need to see I'm raw, son
A nightmare, Nocturne
Cold as the yeti Nunu rides
Going beserk, Olaf
Orianna knows Suicide is all about that clockwork
Surpassing what you kats be on
Peons, I'm an artisan in the war, Pantheon
Your broad calls me Poppy
Son, you know we ain't kin
We ain't related at all
You on the ground while I Quinn
Rammus bringing 'em shells with me
Letting them pop
You n*ggas Renekton, whenever you say is a croc
I'm 'bout the thrill of the hunt, Rengar
I'm driven to leave all you rappers exhiled like Riven
Ready to Rumble from the moment that I Ryze
Sejuani, permafrost
When you look in my eyes
Cold stares y'all Shaco
Ain't a damn thing funny
Shen dashing out the shadow coming straight for your money
Shyvana spitting fire leaving everything Singed
Sion, 'cause I feel no pain with each win
With a broad like Sivir, any of you dare to harm her
And you getting impaled like the final move of Skarner
I can pull your strings like Sona
Not a child star like Soraka
But masterin' tactics like Swain
Made me the best on the roster
Scatter the weak like Syndra
Sharp as a hawk's Talon
Out for gems like Taric
Opponents are no challenge
Bars more toxic than Teemo's darts
Thresh sentencing your death cause I see no heart
Top gunner, that's Tristana, get popped if you stumble
If you trolling on the net, best believe your boy is Trundle
King barbaric like Tryndamere's status
Your Fate's gonna be Twisted and can't none of y'all hack it
I'll stream the footage on Twitch
When I prove I'm the dude here
Udyr walking with spirit with every new year
Take notice that I'm everything you're not
Battle me, I refuse to die, Urgot
I'm all about retribution, that's Varus
Bet I'll spray arms
You say my name in Vayne
sh*t will get evil as Veigar
I see it all, Vel'koz
Punching with Vi's fists
Viktor reapin'
Vladimir gets behind this
Bringing thunder, that's Volibear
Out for blood, that's Warwick
Apesh*t, Wukong
I'm not to go to war with
I'm 'bout ascension, Xerath
Weapons longer than Xin Zhao's
Yasuo, I don't get forgiven
For sh*t I spit out
I dig graves, Yorick
With the secret weapon, Zac
I master the shadows like Zed
There's no coming back
'Bout to blow up like Ziggs
Cause I run my time, Zilean
On point like Zyra's thorn
This champ's the illest in
And I'm just making sure
You're feeling it
Cause this song I'm finished with

That is a lot of freakin' people, son
And you guy gotta pick from all of them?
That is freakin' crazy
I'm about to go take a nap now
'Cause that took a lot out of me
So uh...
I'm a champion, b*tch!
Oh sh*t, that was loud

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