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VI Seconds

"Dear Compton, From Brooklyn"

*Sigh* n*ggas wanna say they the king of New York?
You don't live here
Ri-Ri-Ri- Right

[Verse 1]
King of new york? Let's take time on this sh*t
Apparently motherf*ckers ain't in line with this sh*t
New York. This is as live as its gets
One verse from this n*gga, Now New York radio is riding his di*k
What part of the game is this? Where n*ggas don't bust back?
Hot 97 fine dining on his nutsack. Claiming king of my sector? Boy you better trust that I can't let this blasphemy proceed. f*ck that
It's war when I'm speaking, Now before we get decent I'll leave your soul in a box like bad Jordan releases
I said before you ain't king, But the praise got me f*ckin' mad
Watch me kill Kenny like South Park's running gag
This is what you wanted, Right? Hip-Hop to get conscious? Was it worth it n*gga? Now you're about to lay un-conscious. I'm monstrous
Nay say, I'll show that I'm king. This is hate mail through your window with a brick and grenade
Claim that I'm not raw, These bars don't fele, Boy I'm p*ssed off and offing all that's in my way
Anybody in this genre from those with radio play to those with internet presence on 1-06 everyday
Can get slayed at any moment at any point of the day. From the moment you shut your eyes or in the mornin' with Sway
Do you live in my city? No
Have you lived in my city? No
Have you been to my city? Maybe
Do you bleed for my city? NO
So what is it? What the f*ck was on your brain? For you to step out of line and make such blasphemous claims?
King of New York? Nah, You ain't even our neighbour. I couldn't give a f*ck if someone says I sound like a hater
N.Y been sleeping. The irony is golden. How we went from being the coldest to cryogenically frozen. Now beholden and behold it
The rebirth of mecha. A.K.A. Suicide Sixx stabbing at your stretcher. \
One Second
*Sips drink*

[Verse 2]
This is combat. But you don't want that. With a blade I ain't worried where your bomb's at. Claiming king? Better comb that
Got a prob? Without words we can solve that. Halt that. I'm a Lion to this Wombat. We can box and I'll leave him in a [?]
With a right hook and a right hook. Imma leave him askin' for his jaw back. I never cared about an enemy
Every n*gga only wanna be a better me. But they're ain't no better me and as bad as me
Get x'd like my last two letters, See. These n*ggas can chatter
And say that they running, but Imma just grip up and let them all know that I'm a new n*gga that's killing these new n*ggas. Guardin' my throat and I'm keeping it honed
Lyrical weaponry life of an arsenal. Try me I'll blow up, I'm bombin' this b*tch. Osama Sadam in this b*tch. Now ring alarm like Vietnam in this b*tch
Who am I? That new n*gga snatching your spot bruh. With a bad lack of patience like really aggressive doctors
Not 2Pac reborn. I'm Sixxpacs evolved. With a mind that can free the heat that the earth revolves
I'm on. But ain't on. So hate on. I'm a dog. One you can't shake off raps yours get laid off and stay off
I'm in a position, n*ggas won't spit after. A walking natural disaster. I murk sh*t you'll hear screams if you reverse this
I can kill y'all repeatedly and you'll never rehearse this
Get it? Rehearse? Like practice or rehearse? Like car jacking your Hearse and crashing it into a hearse
I would say I'm out my mind but that statement would be a fallacy, Cause' what you say is my insanity is my normality
I actually snap. And I'll snap you outta your dream of being G.O.A.T. to snap your neck on the scene. Divine Deity
None of you n*ggas are seeing me, remove your nuts like the [?] in me cause' you lack em' and I see it B, It's easy
I said it's easy. [x2]

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