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VI Seconds

"Colossal (Epic Attack On Titan Rap)"

Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah
This is what y'all wanted?
Matt cooked up something real again
Let's rock
Look at me

I'm out to devour cowards, your squad can not stop it
My style is abnormal, the Titan that ate Thomas
My powers is unmatched so retreat, bruh
You won't be safe in the confines of Wall Rose, Sina, Maria
There's no avoidin' this ether, f*ck everybody you rhyme with
I'll skin and leave em looking like the Colossal Titan
Thick skin
There's no telling who I'm f*cking with next
Unlike the Titans, I won't die from you cutting my neck
It'll take napalms, grenades armed, bayonets and a nuke
For you to see me at nighttime for you to blow up the moon
For you to wait till I'm sleeping, for you to think you can win
And even with all that, your survival chances are slim
You see, humans aren't in my interest
I'm dining on other beasts
Any of them claiming a Titanm I'm looking at as a feast
You'll see that at my size, there's danger when running wild
But I stay in my character cause I murder you with a smile
It doesn't matter what you're armed with
I'll still make you watch your whole team perish like Armin
The rawest of all rappers bringing other cats to rapture
And I'm nothing like Sonny, I'm not something you can capture
Leavin' y'all in the past, it's my time for moving ahead
Roll with me and be like Eren and lose one of your legs, yeah
I'm powerful and I ain't even transformed
When I'm doing, we're eye to eye
No, this ain't my last form
What'cha mad for? 'Cause I do this gladly?
So cold, you're being cased in ice like Annie
Who's your daddy? Suicide Sixx, of course
Think not? Go ask any of the f*cking corps
f*ck your corpse, if I don't eat it bet 'em hot can spit
Heavily armed with this, there's no way that you're stopping Sixx
Smoothest moves and understand that I'm sick with
Navigating terrain with vertical maneuvering equipment
I'll fight for honor, I'll scale the largest enemy
And stare in the face of death if it means that you'll remember me
Monsterous on any form snacking
It's no longer Attack on Titan
It's just a Titan attack and then I'm gone

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