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VI Seconds

"Vega Freestyle"

[Verse 1]

sh*t been different lately
See I ain't have a problem keepin up my distance lately
Been givin time to different b*tches lately
You see the steelo and straight jacket like this n*ggas crazy
Get hit with 4 44's like I been with Jay-z
You couldn't relieve all the pain with a tiger balm
Catch you in an elevator, grip kickin like solange
Big pipe smokin in your face, swear you hit a bong
I'm sick, I show my pen is ill in every single song (Lawd)
Brooklyn where the palace is
I'm about to give y'all emotional damages
Y'all n*ggas get by ridin phalluses
When I die wrap me in bandages
Pharoah, LV's on my baggages
I hold weight now my hands got calluses
It ain't much to step and leave a n*gga gone
So nobody really wanna dance with VI
Drip, I'll show you n*gga
You don't know the lengths I'll go to n*gga
I'll beat the sh*t outta you and your pro tools n*gga
Cause' you gotta Snake way like Goku n*gga (Mmm)
Who you got a problem with?
Eat? You'll be lucky if you swallow spit
Diamonds shinin in the light on some Hollow sh*t
My heart hollow and you can get a hollow tip (Mmm)
I'm stayin fly everyday
The Amazon on fire, we gon die any day
Didn't wanna give up lovin, it said bye anyway
Said ima live a little, we gon die anyway
Brooklyn n*gga, every where I'm dining ain't fancy
Walk in a room and look at how n*ggas get ancy
I'm the GAWD, y'all n*ggas get sweeter than candy
Move and sh*t get Grim like Billy and Mandy
Woke up feeling like the man today
f*ck b*tches, get money is the plan today
Think ima let a word pass, you gon pass away
And you won't find a tear on an eyelash today
Freaks facetime just to masturbate
To the view of me stashin my racks away
She say I'm raw and she want it from the back today
I say it's best with gloves on like Cassius Clay
Make a sex tape with your favorite singer, reveal it
Then make up a new dance and watch Fortnite steal it
If there's beef, we don't make up, I'm gon coneal it
Banana clips, start peelin, and you won't be peelin out
Check your words cuz I'll feel you out
Come with the wrong Jazz I'll Uncle Phil you out
This my house, you don't get it, I'll depart your mans
Start snappin, arms swingin like the Carlton Dance (Sauce)

[Verse 2]
A1 bein this rare n*gga
Boutta have the fam bankin like Bel air n*ggas
My old love got me feelin like romance ain't important
Had my heart so ugly but at least she was gorgeous
Now the, mental is stormin, lettin the 4 spit
Put the fire on ya body, witness real human torchin
Till its black cards in hand b*tch I'm grippin a fortune
Leanin in the cut and still eatin just watchin my portions
Different, you stay on ya pivot, you n*ggas don't travel
Pull the strings of your fate and watch your life unravel (Boi... Damn)
I'm somethin y'all can't handle
f*ck around and ya family gon be lightin candles
Don't ask no questions, i don't really do interviews
You pitiful, Minuscule
Your peak is an interlude
Sayin that I switched, I feel better as a different dude
I got a gift rappin, don't be the one i give it to
You gotta go when I pop the clip in
Bars for everybody like Tekashi snitchin
Stop ya b*tchin, c*ck the smiffin
Pop and ya drop in instants
I don't flop a mission
Of y'all a lot go missin
From top spot to no pot to p*ss in
I'm the difference
Opposition ain't gon stop my composition
Y'all a lot of b*tches
Walkin with a limp couldn't stop my pimpin
I'm the-

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