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VI Seconds

"Animated Intro"

[Intro: Kyle Hebert]
Brooklyn, New York has given birth to multiple legendary artists
But none like this
No one could've expected such a timid but friendly child to evolve into a beast with such power
He's been beaten and broken by society as a child
Now, he's returned with a vengeance as a man and he's taking no prisoners
Sixx has been awakened
The world has to face what they've created over the years
Things are about to change and Sixx is taking control

[Verse: VI Seconds]
Yeah, welcome to Animated
Get a hard copy and laminate it
Beyond sick, if I'm coughing, I'm in a casket laying
I've surpassed the greatest, you can take this as my affidavit
It's common knowledge I'm ill, like I don't have to say it
f*ck the kats who savin'
I'm the M.V.P
These MP3's forcing 'em to envy me
See, lock me in a room and I'll be spittin' 'til the walls are glazed
Leave 'em all amazed, 'til I'm a star on the Walk of Fame
You got bars for days? I got lyrics for eternity
Burning herbs to the third degree for thinking they can murder me
Rubbin' my success in the face of those that deserted me
Consistently giving shivers to everyone that's heard of me
Grindin', putting that work to my wallet
Got a bigger bulge and a Gucci Mane shirt
In the front by your stomach, bringing sh*t you couldn't stomach
With a girdle as I rise and I'm causing your plummet, uh
Coming out outta my city alarge
Showing no love, these n*ggas my sons
Guess it makes me a deadbeat, cause I made these n*ggas on veggies
Now pay you any mind mind, I'ma grip many time
I'ma just swirm my mind, 'til the deaths beats
I don't even gotta say, I'm quite a display
I could make a hetero out of a lesbi... an
In this b*tch, like she decided to keep the baby
I straighten minds out, n*ggas don't think I'm speaking crazy
Fight to fight, I fight to kill, we're two different animals
I'm slick on my feet, I can catch my own lateral
Passes some real n*gga, I say no need for G passes
Middle fingers to masses, I say that sh*t with a passion
My abyss, don't step on my toes
Best watch where you're dancing
And I'm too hard-bodied for you, use some muscle relaxants
b*tch, what's a snow storm to a blizzard?
Me to y'all, I step and the ground suffers fissures
I'm singeing everything from your crown to your gizzards
Passing fates out, boy, I travel town with my clippers
The sound to this n*gga? Nothing less than ill as sh*t
The sound of y'all n*ggas, straight skittles and licorices
So miss me with your "who's the best lyricist?" gibberish
Stabbin' the turds is the only way you’ll really be killing sh*t
Dig top tier, but I was hidden in the shadows
Now I'm dethroning your pharaoh, and splitting through all his marrow
The difference you should value from these n*ggas to me is my value, but y'all
You're giving me my reason to breathe

[Outro: VI Seconds]
Now let's get animated, now let's get animated!
Now let's get animated, now let's get animated!
One more time; now let's get animated!

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