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VI Seconds

"Naruflow Shippuuden (The Best Naruto Rap Sequel)"

Y'all know what that sound means!
I'm back!
Figured I'd give y'all a sequel
If y'all ain't seen Part 1, feel free to go watch it
Feel free to download my debut free album too
It'll be in the discription
Do it after this, though
Let me prove myself
Y'all ready?
(Houston, we have a problem)

Who am I? Kimimaro, now that I'm back, you'll get slayed
Only difference is, I've returned through Edo Tensei
And anyone can catch it
Anybody trying to stop me
They'll get a hole through the chest like Obito showed Kakashi
This is fact, this ain't just me being c*cky
I'll pop eyes out, like Madara did Kakashi
Kakashi been losing a lot
I'm just making sure y'all get me
And your girls will get a big wood through 'em like Neji
R-I-P, my squad we do not play
Battle me, commit suicide like Kisame
Let's pick up where we left off on Naruflow 1
Cause now, I'm on some sh*t that'll leave Naruto done
I got an army on deck
Kill, when the strikes get you
Edo legendary ninjas and a million White Zetsus
Not that I need them, 'cuz war ain't nothing new to me
Especially since you're looking at the Ten-Tailed Jinchuriki
I've isolated one through nine inside the statue
And hoardered them in myself with intend to clap you
So I enter this so calm
Getting paper you just watch me blow it, that's Konan
I got push and pull like Nagato
I stay first, you clonin'
You basically a Yamato
You better get in check 'fore I grip your neck
You won't come back like Asuma, so smoke your final cigarette
Shikamaru couldn't strategize for me to stop, bro
Cuz I gas sh*t through a mask like Hanzo
Often y'all pulling y'all strings like Chiyo
Ino wouldn't mind switch my brains
More bug than Shino
There's art to my madness like Deidara's Origami
Hence why I blow up like every move from Gari
f*ck a seal or hand sign, I'm strictly gonna tomb ya
Cause what I bring is fire, that's everything Pakura, so
Heed any warning you get from people that know me
Cause I hold big metal like f*cking Toroi
I'm colder than Chūkichi's frost
Stay on point like Nuibari
b*tch, that's Kushimaru's needle
Off you, then conjoin your bodies
I'm a threat
You challenge me, you were born slow
I'll treat you like Tsunade and tear in half your torso
They wouldn't show this harm
So ill, when fighting me, Gaara unfolds his arms
Shocking as Darui, this lighting storm's not to play
Four time as sharp as the sword on Mifune
Anybody looking frail, I'll eat
I'll bring you new pain six ways
Like Tobi and the Tailed Beasts
n*gga, there ain't nobody hotter
I'm out to have more gold than the sand out of Gaara's father
Third Raikage, when it comes to this speed of me
Snatching your broad and leaving her on her knees, geez
I suggest you don't show face when I'm through
Better yet, wherever you step camouflaged like Mū
Cause the second that I spot you, sh*t's gonna be mean
Burn Second Mizukage when I'm letting off steam
Trend, I'm the hardest in my section
I take orders from no one, I got out my resurrection
I'm the legend that they said would stretch you for trying to
Stab 'em in the back like Zetsu to Madara
I've been killing sh*t since the days of the Ōtsutsuki
And mind been strong as Kaguya's, so ya sh*t isn't new to me
And I don't care if being the best is what means a lot to ya
I'm clearly your superior, Indra to Asura
Real, so if anyone dares to call me phony
They're gonna dream forever, that's Infinite Tsukuyomi
Be it any Hokage, one through four
I'll treat you n*ggas like the Second and nail you to the floor
And I know that you hate that you're not me
So I'll make you watch all of my succes through Izanami
That's over and over, an infinite loop
Until you sit there and realize the fact that it's true
You despise what I am cause I am what you wanna stack to
I'm big and more hard-bodied than the Gedo Statue
I'm the man, your broad wanna screw me
Cuz I take her to dimensions you can't get to with Kamui
Slaying all shinobis, pound for pound, it's insane
I'm still getting in that ass, like a Thousand Years of Pain
Tsunade's tits are still huge at times I wanna box with 'em
Anywho, competitors fall flat like Sakura's
And when it comes to chakra
Mine's more potent and powerful than Gai's with all the Gates open
The Sage of the Six Paths after eating the fruit
Right off of the Tree of Life the very moment that it blooms
Armored with Kakashi's Susano'o
Sharingans from Obito
Will guarantee a finger-flick will knock you to a comatose
I'm talking sh*t now, this very moment's my best day
To show I'm stone cold, that's Chibaku Tensei
The perfect result of evolution
Reshaping the very world, this is revolution
I'm beast, and I'll show it through a hot flow
And you'll never do this sh*t better

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