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VI Seconds

"#Pokebars (Prince Shofu Remix)"

You ready
Let's go

It’s the Tyrant Prince Shofu
With the hottest flames spit since Magmar!
In case you didn’t know, dude
I go harder than Tyranitar!
Bruh, I’m the Dragon Heir to the throne (Dragonair)
Of the Pokémon world guarded by Dragon Knights! (Dragonites)
You've been Shock Waved
By triple Magnemites!
Hot chicks that watched me spit
Said ‘I’m the Master of Remix!’
P.S.: Yo rappers Softboiled!
I’m hard as Steelix!
I’m the only rapper
With moves darker than Gengar!
A rapper that always
When I’m angry: f*ckin’ Emboar!
When spittin’, I'm a Shofu!
All of my skills are so cool!
Are you the bloat who
Always tell me who you are? I don't know you!
Also you’re lame
Like Jesse and James blastin’ off!
Beyond legend you can’t
Catch me with a Master Ball!
Shut yo Meowth! You’re so loud!
Put on some duct tape!
Prepare to be doomed!
Turn black and blue like a Luxray!
Chandelure shinin’ so bright!
You burn like a candlelight!
Put up a fight
And I will Foresight like Meditite!
From Bulbasaur to Venusaur
The pod on yo back begins to bloom
Then you face me and get a burnin’ scar
By Mega Houndoom!
Bruh, face the facts: my bars upgraded
Yo flow lacks
Step into my world and you’ll be
Yawnin' more than a Snorlax!

Spittin’ legendary bars!
Spittin’ legendary bars!
I’m Prince Shofu
Spittin’ legendary bars!

[Shizzy Sixx:]
Raw with the flow! Everytime I get up on the track
I just wanna know that I’m givin’ it a beatdown!
See now, cuz I’m bringin’ out an arsenal
The rawest flow, givin’ y’all a beatdown!

[Tyrant Prince Shofu:]
In tournaments, I’m Machamp
My Toss is Seismic!
Yo raps startin’ to bore me
Everyone but me buys it
I’ll Zapdos whoever
Stands before me
Bruh be feelin’ Hydro Pumped
Then turned Sheer Cold cuz they saw me
With yo girl?! I make ‘em purr
Louder than a Liepard
And they love to Wrap
Around my body like Seviper!
Bruh, all these other rappers know
That I'm a knight in Charge
And they are overgrown
Lizards: Charizards
Greninja: silent, deadly
And by far, sly
You’re ‘bout as tough as a
Hypno to my Darkrai!
My whole crew never Rest
Cuz their minds remain Calm
Every day, heavily armed
As if I'm like Ambipom
Rappin' faster than Shiftry
While you're just Slowbro
Just know that I'm just
As Fly as Pidgeotto
My styles beyond rare
It's darker than yo Zekrom
My fists move so fast
You'll never know which way I'll hit, mon! (Hitmon)
Better watch just in case
You don't believe me
I switch stylez up
Way more than yo Eevee
From Umbreon, Espeon, Sylveon
To Jolteon, Leefeon, Glaceon
To Flareon
Gotta list a mile long
So do you really need me
To carry on?
I'm takin' this rap thing
To infinity and beyond
When I'm spittin'
Too much for yo bars to handle
Might as well say "Tyrant's raw!"
I'll be honest, when you start spittin'
I know it's a sham
You wanna know the trick?
Abra Kadabra Alakazam!
Yo bars soft and were
Breezed through since
My tale flows through Kalos
I'm Suicune Prince
You pack heat like a Heatmor
You're a liar and a cheater
Get the picture that you say
That you're a boss, I'll defeat you
You think I'm just a
Gym Leader? NAW!
Number master in the top three
I'm just RAW! RAW! RAW! RAW!

Outta this world, you know that I'm a star!

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