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VI Seconds

"Mugetsu (The Best Bleach Rap Song)"

The anime rap god (red)
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This is what y'all wanted
This is what y'all demanded
Lemme give it to you

The Strongest of Shinigamis and can't no one living stop me
I'm red-headed like Renji, but in battle, I'm Kenpachi
Letting Zabimaru roar
I'll slice through wherever you fly at
With a will to kill, you'll notice it once I remove my eyepatch
Feel the pressure? That stops my foes
All this without using my Zanpakuto
Why try him, he splits skies when striking a titan
With a blink, I can negate any kido from Aizen
I am rising to any war, fear's not enough
Byakuya, I'll scatter you like Sensonzakura
Now watch as I leave you with nada
As I take this up a notch and show I surpass each Espada
0. Let me start off with Yammy
Hardbodied, there's a reason why I'm c*cky
When I'm a release form, I'm a beast boy
One blast kills at least four
1. Theres a Starrk contrast between us
I run with wolves, n*gga, please trust
When they lock their jaws on your skin
Your only way out is to give it in
A coyote when I hunger son, I give it up
Black, white or Asian, boy
I'll even get a gingerbucked
2. Thats Baraggan, I'll lick off a shot
From my pair of arms and down to your skull you gon' rot
3. That's Neliel and another if you pop sh*t
I won't drop a Tier, but what I cause will make me vomit
I'll manipulate the waters like Harribel
Shape 'em to bullets, blast a shell
And send your ass to hell
4. Ulquiorra
Moving around with the smoothest aura
A ruthless order
Anybody standing near me im moving over (ah)
Cruising in a Murcielago
Bat Gang, Segunda Etapa
True form meet true despair
Anybody contest get done away proper
5. Nnoitra
Face off if you have the heart to
I'm hard too
My Hierro's something that you can't carve through
6. Now we've arrived at my number
Lets get grim, yo, Grimmjow
To I, there is no other
The Panther King himself equipped with the sharpest of claws
Shooting Gran Rey Cero at anyone acting raw
It's taw taw, now wallow in your sorrow
To stand a chance, I suggest you go full Hollow
Otherwise I'll beat you Luppi
Strangle me, shoot me, cut me, boot me, stab me, abuse me
There's no way to remove me
I'm a walking legend, b*tch
Face facts, you can't refute me
7. Zommari
Theres no way that you can clone me
Attempting will get you ate
8. Granz if you know me
You understand that scientifically speaking I'm sublime
sh*t'll get nasty as Espada Number 9
Anyone act up, my shooters will pop you
Wearing my hat low, Urahara
Looking for dopeness, I'm the guy
Throwing that fire out, Amagai
Homicide, Yamamoto
Walking inferno, the flames of the wise
Fact of the matter is no one is matching this
Murder a Wandenreich using my eyes
There ain't no Love here for people thinking they see me bro
Lyrically I'm Final Getsuga Tenshou of Ichigo
An arm lift will make your whole town back flip
'Cause I go harder than either one of Chad's fists
Big as Orihime's bust
Quicker than Yoruichi, trust
b*tch, with both eyes open, Gin couldn't see me bruh
I hammer heads, standing tall as Ayon
You n*ggas soft as Kon
Take your game and play on
Cold as Hitsugaya
If I dot your face like Rangiku
It's a death sentence like Rukia's
Hear what I'm telling you?
I hit my mark like Uryuu, when releasing his arrows
Twin blades, Kyoraku
Cutting through your marrow
I'll change your every sense of direction like Shinji Hirako
I'm running every division, I don't advise you get hostile
Cause my Shikai command is kill, through speech
I maintain my position as the illest man in Bleach
I'm a motherf*cking elite, no Arrancar is as beast
So on your soul I'll feast, my plate's out of your reach
Now watch me as I eat
Bow to my feet

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