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VI Seconds

"At Large"

Im livin life at large
Always runnin from the law
People askin' the charge
Well its cause
Well its cause
I'm killin these n*ggas
Lawd. (x2)

Behold, You barin witness to greatness
Givin these n*ggas whippins, you'd swear im runnin a slave ship
I suggest you don't say sh*t in provacative tones
Thinkin i'm one to play with, i'll be stompin ya soul
Behold, I'm the coldest thang every season
Known for lyrics and loyalty, never been into treason
Come in the game creepin, with sh*t never before seen
From the box seat, snipin' everyone with floor seats
In other words everybody with some fame's
Gonna be a name on a body decorating my floor see
And as for love, thats somethin im lookin past, honey
Nothin last forever even Wayne wants off of cash money
No matter the struggle, to be heard is the mission
I was one they would ignore like terms and conditions
But I'm getting on now, respect and get it straight
I'm all you're gonna see like a black eye on a pretty face


Killin em, like headshots or knee slappers
Give me more artists, we dont need rappers
Give me more visionaries, we don't need trappers
Give me more real, we don't need actors
Take more bullets out of bodies of the innocent
Take jobs from officers using it to be militant
Stop using your badge as a reason to shoot a black mag
Stop turning lives into "rest in peace" hash tags
It's like the wicked witch passed the poison apple round
Turnin the world from home into nothin but a battleground
Chivalry is thirst, Peace is considered boring
If it ain't on worldstar the sh*ts considered corny
f*ck rap, and any n*gga you a fan of
9 times out of 10 won't none of these n*ggas stand up
It's for that reason I ain't feelin these n*ggas
Darren Wilson, with no repercussion, killin these n*ggas

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