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VI Seconds

"Hug The Emo"

They say with the good comes the bad, the happy with the sad
Well the truth I'm just living till I die what a drag
So sad f*ck ya pity doe I find this whole thing silly yo
Diggy bro? I fight off stress while I can
But can I really last through twelve rounds of bullsh*t
The devil shootin at me acting ever so ruthless
With full clips, preventing me from movin to some new sh*t
Im walkin with a dream but he's stoppin my movement
f*ck, Can I reach new heights
If its lemons that I'm given then I have a sour life
Getting false advice from the people I enlist
Sayin practice makes perfect but perfection dont exist
So what am I aiming for? What is the point in this?
Is there any meaning or should I just slit a wrist
Should I just call a quits giving up all of this
Swimmin with all the fish brain turns to pasta dish

f*ck that, I got a f*cking world to lift up
With too much pride to ever b*tch out and ever give up
As much as I get knocked and feel like a red dot
Is pointed at my frame, I'm still makin these heads bob
Still rockin ya dome piece, still killin em slowly
Through music you know me, from stranger to homies
Injest what I spit as pure raw till you choke
While I'm out to get my currency kickin audio dope

But, I'm a joke, to you all on my mission
Slept on on the net so nobody really listens
To the passion that Im bringin the flavor that I'm dishen
I try open these eyes, but they all reject my vision
So I let em stay shut keep their minds blurry
If in time I lose mine, Then Im goin blind fury
But whats the point? If all they'll do is judge
Saying that I'm f*cking emo and I really need a hug
All because I rock out, snake bites and a septum
Like they dont think, that I have the skills wreck them
They say Im f*ckin weird, and a reason why I'm hated
All because I'm different and my nails are black painted
Underestimated by all of my peers
And the thought of non success is one of my greatest fears
But if thats whats to come and Im just wastin my time
I'll die and smile cuz I met my demise with my rhymes

So I'm sayin screw the critics with my f*ckin middle finger up
This musics what I lust like a chick with a thicker butt
Bigger bust, I gotta use both hands to pick em up
Waitin till you quotin all that im sayin like "jigga what?"
And as for love Im never fallin again
One b*tch has drivin me nuts, I dont know where to begin
But, I'm in the strongest of mind states
The throne is in my sights and I'm making it my place

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