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VI Seconds

"Flying Dutchman"


SwagDragon back smacking these whack faggots
That lack swagger I'm mad hatter cats sadder
My raps badder and will hit you like a linebacker
Got yo girl gobbling my balls I'm a pac-man her
I lack manner I'm a youngin with a naughty mouth
Good head on my shoulder that's one that'll take yo shawty south
Let the women focus like she studies in fellatio
The di*k divides her lips then she discovers the ratio
Wife snatcher, guys sayin I'm ill rational crackin legs open just to get my pistachio
Off, and it's the best she's ever felt
She's messin with these n*ggers cause yall couldn't crack her shell
Skeet skeet in every room, skeet skeet in every cut
It's a teabag gang bang her face is all nuts
Of the fish, in the sea, I'm a monstrous fly catch
With a captains tounge now where is my eye patch?

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