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"New Kid"

They have the biggest testicles relative to body size of any male on the planet

[Hook: Prof]
b*tch I got money!
And I'm so good lookin'
You could learn something from me!
You're old, I'm new

[Verse 1: Prof]
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice
Poof, Prof'll rock the party till your teeth are loose
I'm gorgeous, roll with Chuck Norris'
Fourty-five houses, thirty-three mortgages
My boats got boats with jet ski's
Three f*ckin' chef's and a Wayne Gretzky'
Sunrise, I'm f*ckin' in the gondola
Friends: Pheobe, Rachel, Monica
Bravo, finally made it to a di*k head
Shot eighty-nine times, and I ain't even rich yet
Holy sh*t, nice
Bet my pandora station plays Vanilla Ice
Yippee ki yay, your boy is a Kaiser
Everywhere I go I'm sh*ttin' on 'em, diapers
Icky, I gotcha rethinking about who the best is
I'm outta my mind, please leave a message


[Verse 2: Prof]
Uh, undeniably the baddest
I ain't worried long as I know where you dad is
Uah, Where your cousin at baby?
Roll around the family reunion all crazy
Meanwhile I got me fishing for a musket
Baby, busty, gotta big booty
My sidekick is a moose knuckle
If I had a weakness, it'd be I'm too humble
Be bumble, easily see hundos
Cheese the weeze, the cheese could buy three condos
f*ck it, I'm the new Kirby Puckett
Got the state of my back the topic of discussion
di*k, game, Waka Flocka flame
When I'm done with them girls they take the walk of fame
Every single verse hot, your boy don't miss
b*tch don't front, this whole song is the sh*t


[Verse 3: Yelawolf]
Catfish Billy, I'm coo coo for Coco
Eat a crackers then I spit back a hobo the rollo
Eat rappers like wrappers wrapped around packs of no dough
Yeah the plastic too, twelves and forty-fives playin' slow-mo
Takin' acid watchin' your mama bounce around my show
With all the friends that she met makin' porno
f*ck with me I'm put your 2-year-old in a sleeper choke hold
Record you cryin' and let the engineer leak the vocal
Don't try to play me out, you can't play with my yo-yo
I walk the dog, Waka Flocka sheep in SoHo
I shoulda said I heard, but I heard a sheep is so old
Dictionary schmictionary, what the f*ck do you know?
Go ahead and group those
Sudo can find the loop holes
I pop off the cake when you break it just to say, "Yeah I know."
Ruin your day like a Polish prayin' upon your new clothes
And a butter fresh motherf*cker just called me butter fluke-oh
So tighten your belt, and thin up on your suko
Cause I'm makin' the numbers now, three three's in a row
Hennessey of trees, I'ma leave, but I'm relieved it just won't go
Getting blow jobs from an F5 in a tornado
Yeah, blow me down booties, no homo
I pop eyes like chicken thighs, no gumbo
So order me up a bucket, f*ck it, with an extra biscuit in it
Then we gonna give it to a heart attack clinic

(Catch me in the chevy bumpin' Yelawolf and Prof they throw a rocket)

You're old, I'm new

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