"Phone Skit"

**Yelawolf**: Yes, sir! This is Yelawolf and your stereo has been taken over! The phone is ringing off the hook, holy sh*t! Imma take a few of these calls and somebody get Chainsaw some water, he's kinda looking pale over there

**Caller #1**: Aight, ma, aight. There- there- this sh*t is awesome-


**Caller #1**: I mean I like 2Pac, I like snoop

**Yelawolf**: Yeah, thats what's up

**Caller #1**: So, my initiative is rad up my nerve bro-

**Yelawolf**: Ay, you can't cuss on the radio buddy

**Caller #1**: Al- Alright, yo keep racking the-

**Yelawolf**: BUT f**k IT! Calling number two, Your own-!

**Caller #2**: [Gibberish]

**Yelawolf**: Wrong number! Calling number three you're live

**Mark Warheimer**: Hey, Yelawolf! nice stuff man

**Yelawolf**: What up Richie! 'Preciate it
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