Sometimes I feel like a loaded gun
Sometimes I feel like I'm one in the chamber
Ready to get shot down, shot out
Just one in the chamber ready
Like a loaded gun

[Verse 1: Yelawolf]
I got both wheels on a Harley blazin' a trail in the sunrays
Me and this lady, man, it's like church on a Sunday
I'm off of my rocker, but rock and roll is my papa
Raised me up on this gasoline, Billie Jean was my mama
Broken hearts turned to spoken art, my blood is like lava
Hard as a rock when I'm cold, yet I can flow just like water
Grew up with people that's lethal, grew up with hustling daughters
Mothers and fathers alike, like it or not when you saw us
Live my life like a rebel, the devil's hot on my tracks
But I won't run from my demons, no, I embrace them in fact
So remember my spirit when that Slumerican flag waves
From entrepreneurs to losers, users and runaways

Ready like a loaded gun
Sometimes I feel ready like a loaded gun

From entrepreneurs, losers to users and renegades
For factory workers, servers and hustlers all the same
Single mothers and others, nobodies, prisoners, no-names
For entrepreneurs, losers to users and runaways
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