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"sh*t Done Got Real"

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]

Mother f*ck this industry
God bless my enemies
Too many lame n*ggas try’na speak
Till they find a beat, it don’t bother me
But um
Any n*gga can’t rap, get him out ASAP
Talkin’ about their trappin’ again
Hopped in the booth
I’ve been the truth
Got proof
Guess who was the popular kid?
Ya it’s me in a drop top with a Glock out
Pop shots in the back of your head
Aimin’ at your esophagus
Don’t count on survivin’ the lead
See I’m so p*ssed off to the litter
Like a flow with the riddle
Let her ass cheek giggle
Ima dog and I’m all in the middle
f*ck her, ran her, got balls all in ‘em
Damn ma’ can’t call up a n*gga
Bust that real fast for all of my n*ggas?
Gotta man? Well it’s f*ck that n*gga
I’m good anywhere like I’m SunPassin’ ‘em
God damn my flow so amazin’
Ask renegades, they can quote that statement
Your b*tch wanna have my babies
n*gga f*ck you, pay me

[Hook: Ace Hood]

Ok it’s money over them b*tches
Coffins go to them snitches
Talkin’ outta your ass
You’re gonna need a little more than them stitches
sh*t done got real, sh*t done got real
sh*t done got real, sh*t done got real
Any given day you could be victimized
Just pray and hope one day you see them heavenly skies
sh*t done got real, sh*t done got real
sh*t done got real, sh*t done got real

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]

I don’t really think you n*ggas get it
Ima decorate your face kind’a like an upholstery n*gga
It’s getting’ kind’a real up in this motherf*cker
I don’t think you really even should approach me n*gga
Lay down motherf*cker you ain’t heard what I said
Why you try’na play me closely n*gga?
And now you wanna talk?
I’m already about to die while you stranglin' and really try’na choke me n*gga
Tell a n*gga that I cut a n*gga till you see the white meat
But I don’t really eat poultry n*gga
f*ck it, it don’t matter anyways
Cause you know you’re about to lay up in a box kind’a cozy n*gga
It be gettin’ kind’a bafflin’ to me
When a dude be actin’ like he know me n*gga
And then I had to let it go
A couple of friendly reminders
{Till they get to} sink it in your meat slowly n*gga
Hit a n*gga for their sh*t
Make a n*gga strip down, bare
Yogi n*gga
I know it’s unbelievable
Well b*tch, ya betta believe it
{It’s the ones} that know me n*gga
Beat him like the boy owe me n*gga
If you watch, {whoopin’} like a ceremony n*gga
And when I’m finished with him
Go and get his little b*tch
Let her blow me n*gga
I wanna cry for you friend
{Why ya try to front when} you've got so much to lose
Problem is that I’m the one to show you the truth
And talk about you when a n*gga get in the booth
You n*ggas betta know the deal when I come through
Better learn or you gonna {feel}
{And by they way sh*t is lookin'}
sh*t done got real
sh*t done got real



sh*t done got real, Yela got a deal
sh*t done got real, Yela got a deal

[Verse 3: Yelawolf]

Hold up, wait a, minute
Did you say my name, and offer me to
Drive up in this motherf*cker
Park it like a Buick Regal?
You in need of, usin’ needles
Feel like you wanna shoot up this dope
Well let me swerve in, like syringe
To the veins of the game with another unique quote
You need a boat
You’ve done got deep
I’m so dirty, you need the soap
You need the hope
And a wish ain’t nothin’ like the real thing b*tch
Say you need to cope
White bread, white bread
You need a loaf?
Spread butter on it
Dead my opponents with the lead
Yeah I’m goin’
Where am I goin’?
Could it be that Eminem only knows!?
When a synonym chops with a syllable, I’m incomparable
It’s kinda like I’m on a rollercoaster with a Motorola talking to the world in a barrel roll
Hella cold
Flow done put my family in better clothes
Extra vegetables, on a plate, and steak right next to those
I got to get it buddy
And if it’s dirty and wet
I’ll get it muddy
f*ck clean kicks
I done walked through green sh*t
And I did it public
So when I wipe my shoes on hip hop’s welcome mat
And I leave a stain
Paybacks a b*tch
That’s my way of sayin’
Keep the change


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