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"f*ck Me"

You know forgiving somebody
Is probably the hardest thing you can do in the world
Forgiving somebody for f*ckin’ you up
f*ckin’ up your heart
But I ain’t gonna lie man
Asking for forgiveness, sh*t, is hard too

[Verse 1]
I don’t know why you treat me just like a sc*mbag
When these b*tches ain’t sh*t to me but an autograph
I thought we were bigger than that, I thought we would last
But you just think that I’m an Alabama piece of trash
Just like my dad, out lookin’ for a piece of ass
Motel 6, a b*tch, get a piece and dash
All these problems, they add up like I need the math
But I’d rather divide if it equals bad
Multiply the dividends, it's an evil trap
Plus you never impressed much, minus the bags
I never knew Chanel before I knew you
I knew Wal-Mart and di*kies suits
But if it made you happy I would shop and go
So you could feel all the class of Kennedy’s Jackie O
Remember when Bob said you were out of my league
I just couldn’t believe it I just couldn’t conceive
I should have jumped from that f*ckin’ boat or maybe put a blade to my throat
‘Cuz I can never be the one you need, be the man of your dreams
I’m a f*ckin’ nightmare, a prisoner of the scene
So maybe you need somebody who doesn’t believe in dreams
Or maybe you hate yourself as much as I hate me

I told you that I would do anything
Sometimes I don’t know how you can complain
f*ck me, I just feel like it’s f*ck me
Well f*ck me then
Lovin’ you, something that would never change
Every day and night, I still feel the same
f*ck you, that’s all I ever wanna do
All I ever wanna do is f*ck you

But if I catch you in the street with another man
Holdin’ his hand, I'mma f*ck him up
I ain’t never had nobody like you
I don’t know what to do with myself
I feel like maybe I should give it up
But I can’t, I’m so in love with you that I can’t see further than right now
And right now I need to fill my cup
Drink my pain away again to wake-up to needin’ you
Like I never needed anything, but this relationship (relationship)

[Verse 2]
You either let the past go, and let us grow
Or let us not, and let it stop, you gotta let me know
I put this ink in my own blood, give a f*ck about who sees
What do I gotta lose but my own soul?
No one loves you like I do and no one ever will
I said you were the coolest, but you need to chill
‘Cuz if you leave me lyin’ hurt from some lyin’ j*rk
I'mma bring my iron to the church like Kill Bill
And f*ck up somebody for my baby
f*ck up somebody for my baby
Everybody’s dyin’, the preacher, the bride's maidens
‘Cuz none of you motherf*ckers can live up to my lady
Why can’t you see that I’m not shady?
I wouldn’t f*ck around on you, never no baby
What I was, is what I was, so just maybe
You will stop worryin’ about what I do lately...


I told you that I was ride or die
Believe it

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