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L.A.Shawn (LA Boii)


[Intro: L.A.Shawn]
Ha, ha, ha
Yes, welcome
Enter if you dare
Shawn! Yeah, straight up!

[Verse: L.A.Shawn]
Once upon a time, there was a kid dripping faucet
Then he got lost in his head and then he paused it
But it don’t make a difference, money ain’t ever a problem
Even when I am a millionaire, I’ll still be in the projects
Hold down with my city even though they always hated me
But my future way too bright, I’ll buy y’all shades to see
One foot in the door of the trap, other in the industry
Even with these voices in my head, there ain’t no stopping me
Ain’t no n***a stop me from my mission
Y’all woke up a monster now y’all tired of the villain, yeah
Your girl there but her loyalty is missing
I got women on my left and demons on my right kissing
Selling in the back of Toyota, you know I’m sealing up
f**k school lunches, in these streets you know I’m packing up
When these girls goona go drop, you know they back it up
I am the villain, trust me n***a I do not give a f**k (straight up!)
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