Kobie Dee


So let me take you back, to where this story began
Little Jody, cousin Cody and their best friend Ben
They used to play and pretend, like they had money to spend
But in reality a dollar wasn't common for them
With daddy locked in the pen, the others gone from the start
Family's broken apart, Jody’s mother used to beat him till his skin turned dark
Yeah she was bad on that grog, make him sleep in the backyard with both of his dogs
That's why he started smoking, feel like his only escape
She used to beat him cause she only saw his fathers face
But he was only a kid, 14 years old
Try to keep a warm heart in a world so, cold

His cousin Cody didn't have it much better
But he was making that cheddar however he could but never
Forget where he came from, see he had to be strong
Cos his mother’s getting sick and doesn't have too long
And so he had to step up, no relyin’ on luck
He’s robbin’ anyone he sees just to make a quick buck

Their buddy Ben wasn't known to be calm
First person that they thought of when they heard a car alarm
He was always in the days, couple pills up in his palm
See his mother was an addict with a needle in her arm

Yeah, the three shared that same struggle
Destined for the high life, for gettin’ into trouble
When they did, on this particular day
Cody thought of an idea with guaranteed pay
But the plan to little Jody didn't seem okay
But his older cousin Cody just convinced him to stay
He told him “this is what will separate the boy from a man”
So he carried on and listened to the rest of the plan

He said, “yo, it’s really quite simple
Run up to the seccy, put that gun up to his temple, right?
And me and Ben will take the register, he makes a move you take your shot and show him that you better brah”
Okay, and so off they went
It was a long quiet ride with a strong sweaty scent
Little Jody was shakin’ up in his boots, he thinks if he shoots then he might just compromise the loot
But it’s too late for second thoughts
They all jump up out the car and just head straight for the doors
And Jody c*cks his gun, points it straight to the guard
Says “if you cooperate then this don't got to be hard
Says if you wanna go home, simply lay of the floor
Don't move until all of us are out of the door”
Ben and Cody's got the money everything seems smooth
Until he seen that seccy’s arm slowly start to move
But Jody can't pull that trigger, instead he takes a bullet wound straight to his liver

And it was no surprise, they grabbed the money in a hurry, left him there to die
He doesn't wonder why, he just looks up to the sky
And smiles in pride, he’s happy he can finally die
Cos he could never do it himself
He never thought that a soul would even dare to help
And so we pray, that he rest in peace
But we're just happy that he finally made it outta the streets

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