Young Adz

"Love of My Life"

[Intro: Young Adz]
Super, superb oh
DBE, Not3s, Remedee

[Chorus: Young Adz & Not3s]
Super, superb oh
Clip long, clip burnt, inferno
Superb, superb oh
Weed smoke, through my internals
Lean, lean, lean, love of my life
Baby girl I'm tryna f**k you tonight
I might pull up in that brand new truck ride
Should love the water but I'm loving the fire
My queen, queen, queen, I love you for life
I'm a gentleman I'll always be polite
We the best, you don't even have to try
Baby come on pull your panties to the side

[Verse: Young Adz & Not3s]
Yeah, anytime you saw me then I done it for the streets
Got a bad temper so I'm sippin' on some lean
Me and LB in that foreign pull up on your beans
Do a magic trick, she said, "Darling, what'd you mean?"
My darling looking clean
And she gets excited when I'm rubbing up her jeans
Drippy, drippy, when I'm rubbing what's beneath
Drippy, drippy, girl I'm loving what's beneath

Yeah, different girl
Are you a freak? Can I put my tip up in your pu**y in that kitchen girl?
Sticking to the code, no snitching girl
Real life, have you ever seen a Smith'n girl?
A Smith'n girl
I'll put you in a different world
If you're really tryna get it well
Living life up man I'm getting well
Put a penny up in this wishing well, wishing well

Yeah, eat the beat up like I'm Remedee
Anytime you see me then you know I put the energy
All the kitties calling cah I keep on serving better B
Everybody hating but, I'm just tryna better me
Yeah, and every other time I pull up
Had that burner on me, had to keep my hood up
n***as hating on me, tell them n***as good luck
FTK got a n***a feeling full up (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, shoulda beat the case but I couldn't
n***as keep on talking, touching chains but they wouldn't
New, burner, and you know the handle fully wooden
If I nut up on your face, darling don't be looking
I'm too protected, they ain't touching my medallion
I'm putting Maddie in an Addy and made some bags from it
I'm balling properly, while they be travelling
But they ain't stopping this, no injuries, no tackling

Yeah, I'm a trophy, I'm a stallion
Count 50 like a n***a just made Addison
You might pull up on me but a n***a carrying
Anytime you see us at a show you know we brang it in
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