"Forget About Me"


Please forget about me
You don't even know me
Don't you get too comfy
Don't you be where I been (nah)
(Please forget about me)
Please forget about me
I am not your buddy
Keep her, this is for me
Don't you be where I be
Let's just say goodbye
Please forget about
Me, me, me

b*t*hes really think that I'm lonely
Lost my best friend over money
Only ones I trust is my family
Even if I can't be so holy
Cause I'm rollin' deep, put that [?]
In the city feelin' dizzy
Smokin' weed 'til I'm lazy, yeah, yeah
sh*t be crazy
Devils runnin' me like is halloween
Pull up to the scene, don't you bring that smoke screen
Nothing than discuss 'cause I've had enough
Reckless and I'm young, all I do is f**k up (all I do is f**k up)
Reckless and I'm young
Don't you trust me with your love
Look what I become, look, look, yeah
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