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KIRA (producer)

"Circles (Piano Version)"

[Verse 1]
Sleeping peacefully
The girl I used to be
Until I fell so deep
A neverending tragedy
You haunt me in my dreams
But it's all I want to see
You're the oxygen I need
Yet I can't breathe

Circles, in circles, I go around
Looking for something that can't be found
Circles, in circles, without a sound
My tears can't be heard when the fear surrounds my heart

[Verse 2]
What is happening to me?
Tell me, what does all this mean
So far away from reality
"Such a lovely place to be."
I know too well, 'cause every second like this feels like hell
Are these words that you gave me real? I can't tell
It doesn't matter, no, nothing matters
I'll see you again in a dream so far away
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