Jean Dawson

(Yeah, yeah)

[Verse 1]
It's a basement party
Rollin' with a b*t*h in a blue Ferrari
I'm a sell-BEEP-
Get a friend's hook and I'm duckin' charges
Just a badass black n***a
Mic jag of a backpack rap, n***a
I'm a put her on the shelf
Put her on my-
Put her off some-
Put off by n***as that actin' like hoes
In the back of the, back of the hood
Passin' the black like a court
Askin' if God is important
'Course mom say "Jesus, gone save"
Pops never raised a n***a that had faith
Pops never raised a n***a at all
Wilin' pay should get you that far
Can't smoke like a n***a got balls
Been around a n***a that never would smoke menthol
n***as all b*t*hes

[Verse 2]
I'mma die today, and if I don't
I'mma ride away in that smoke
In a Lamborghini and I'm rollin' with a body
Let a Johnny try me I'mma hide 'em in the back
Everybody wanna see the hoe up in the back
Fall back off a n***a, bullseye ain't sh*t
Hate when a n***a think he know me
Hate f**k n***as
No patience for n***as
I dig graves for your cousins
I don't feel nothin'
I'mma live on edge 'til I'm jumpin'
And I'm in my head, I don't see no, see no
Close my eyes and start jumpin'
I ain't wanna be your friend, n***a
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