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[Verse 1: 7ordyn]
Got the force like I'm Yoda
Killing  rappers that's the motive
Already  know we doing, mixing lean with the soda
Y'all be staying brain dead
Never  spitting real, just copying like okay man
Maybe  try some different bars, maybe try to mix up things
Hearing y'all songs like I really get compared to these?
I  swear I'm in a different league
Putting in my heart then I achieve
Had to talk my talk now I'm back to spreading love and peace
Y'all hate it when I say those things
But  Imma stay saying things
They can hit me up when they also going mainstream
Focused on bigger dreams, don't gotta worry what a hatter think
Just wanted to remind all y'all that I'm still the King
Bow down and kiss the ring

[Interlude: Rxy Rxy & 7ordyn]
Whats happening..
You tryna hop on this?

[Verse 2: Rxy Rxy]
Been selling stacks since I was 12 years old
Gotta kill the mic 'cause my boy told me so
So I gotta murder this sh*t like an OG
I'm so hype for this f*cking sh*t, I gotta [?]
Chilling in the back with my homies and I'm smoking blunts
Nah, take that sh*t back lemme roll it up
Look, chilling with the homies playing basketball
Shooting hoops, making sixes like I'm Kawhi Leonard
n*ggas tryna make it to the grind but I come up to the top
Got my mind on this sh*t, got a idea for this sh*t, ya ight
You think you're so tough, but I'm boutta spit these bars and I'm gonna take you to the cars too
n*ggas tryan rap but they can't even [?] nah
Rap God that's what I ain't even that [?]
Lemme dap you up one more time b*tch
Imma take it to the time and Imma grind b*tch
Ya ight, this Rxy Rxy on this sh*t
Ya ight, lil j

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