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Ja Rule

"Exodus (Outro)"

[Intro - (Talking)]

"My n*gga Buck 3000 over here, you know, my n*gga Gotti, the Princess, Momma, what’s up baby? haha, Brooklyn son, what up what up? My n*gga Lloyd, my
n*gga Caddy, my n*gga C. Gotti, my n*gga Young Merc, my n*gga Blackchild (EXODUS), my n*gga Cool Joe, this is a new beginning, you know, i see everybody
In the building, my n*gga L, my n*gga Gab, my whole Murder Inc. mob, yo, you know how we do, yo, yo all my n*ggas"

[Verse 1]
"THIS HERE IS EXODUS!! say goodnight to the legend
Cause lord knows the world gon' miss him
Universal the system is similar to institutionalism
And i just did 7 years in prison
Now I’m a free parolee and time spent, its money they owe me -
Give me my space don’t crowd me homie
I’m a motherf*ckin’ huuuusstlerrr
Pushin' rhymes like weight, but sometimes its slow
It’s up and down like the Dow Jones, sh*t fluctuates -
But my real n*ggas still keep their stock in me
Feds investigate, the monopoly
Preme team, Murder f*ckin’ I-N-C, there's no stopping we from"

[Interlude (talking):]

"You know what i think, i think the world doesn’t have a clue, on what its like to be a, a superstar in the spotlight, and and, everybody is lookin’ at
You and everybody’s, you know, scrutinizing you and they got their lil opinions and sh*t. I came in this game, you know and got in this music business to
Do what i do, to make music for the people to enjoy, for the world to love, you know, and and somehow i became a motherf*ckin’ criminal hahahahaha"

[Verse 2]
"Yo, damn i remember when it was on UPN News
And i refused to start losin’; and hopped in my WHOOO
Got a recruit from this (nice?) and peeled back the WHOOO
n*ggas listen in i'll tell you how it all began [gun shots]
That's how it sounded when I-N-C came into the game
On 10th of murder then - them, them
Well we, we, we, cause these boys is hot
These boys got Glocks, these boys send shots do you know what its like, to live your life hard knock?
I think not thats why you live it safe through mine
I think plot then kill, you think suein' them blind
You think lifes a b*tch? i think the b*tch is mine!
We'll never see eye to eye, ya’ll corporate, we gangsters
And n*ggas tryin' my patience is gettin' me anxious
To speak for my defendants, that say that they plaintive
Guess we guilty by song, but yo the government must be on"

[Outro (talking)]

"I mean to think that we would jeopardize everything that we built, to motherf*ckin’, sell drugs and launder money? i mean are you f*ckin’ serious!? You
Understand, I-I mean, we-wer're a company you understand, a-a-a record company, that wants to show love to every n*gga that can't get love, that can't
Recieve love, from, from motherf*ckin’, the corporate world, that can't go get a job, cause they been in jail, they did a 3 to 9, a motherf*ckin’, a bit or
Whatever the case may be they did for their time. We give these motherf*ckers the opportunity, we give them jobs, cause ya’ll ain’t gonna give 'em the
Jobs, so we give it to 'em. And motherf*ckers wanna look at us and down us for what we do for that! They wanna call us motherf*ckin criminals and crime
Family for that! Well if they wanna call us criminals and crime families, then so be it motherf*cker! Cause these is my n*ggas. and if nobody’s gonna
Stand up for my motherf*ckin’ n*ggas, then we gon' do it ourselves, we gon' police ourselves, thats how we been getting down n*gga, holla back at me
Rule. EXODUS!!!

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