Willow lyrics


(Bl-bloodhounds )

The willow grows
Fall asleep but not alone
Guide my feet when I'm low
Watch my steps and where I go
Pain unbearable, f**k up in stereo
Sweet like caramel, I do terrible

Baby, I'ma make a rack in my basement
Move around too much, no patience
Keep my head down, don't say sh*t
I don't get sober, I stay lit
Too much trauma, can't face it
I won't ever catch what I'm chasing
Said it once, I'm not rephrasing
That reminds me of you, I hate it
Wake up, new day, it's tainted
f**k my face, I'll break it
Stomp me into pavement
So I can stop complaining
Wish I was complacent
Instead I'm just so basic
Put me in the background
That's how they would make it

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