Flawless Real Talk

"Way It Goes"

[Verse 1: Justin Starling]
Dearly beloved, I do it, I does it
I came up with nothing, I'm leaving with something
No more discussing, no fighting, no fussin
We pull up and buss it, not doing, no trusting
You know that mumbling trend?
This where it end, tell em that bars is back again
The way that I rap no accident
Perfected my craft, I'm passionate
Damn, this who I wanna be, this who I gotta be
f**k anybody that doubted me
Get paid by the second, no hourly
Roll with the dogs and they never cowardly
Pockets can put on some calories
My wifey she bring me that dowry
That mean that she got her own salary
I'm proud of you baby, I gotta be
I'm yelling "honey I'm home", in Dior cologne
She tripping cause I never pick up the phone
I'm too busy killing off all these cabrons
That tell me to do it but think that I won't
Before they can finish it's already on, they already gone
So watch how you speaking and fix up your tone
I stay in the zone
n***as think it's sweet till ya mood switch
Million dollar meetings have em in a Ruth Chris
Nowadays gotta move ruthless
And I made a wave in the city like a cruise ship
None of that humana humana
She in your dreams and I'm having fun with her
Dumber and dumber I'm done with ya
You couldn't get her even when I'm done with her
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