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"No Hook (offica x bt)"

Them man claiming Mo Salah
But when i see opps in fields them man do legs like Mo Farah
Its mad its peak when i caught that neek Big Tobz got it all on camera
Best know im a f**king crook come to the ends you get shook (ching ching) aye listen
Big man try to run from me he forget he was [?] back up he tripped over his laces so i backed that shank in places
I backed that shank to the neek
Go ahead try f**king run you f**king neek you f**kin bum haha f**kin sc*m haha
I told is ms this ain't weak i tell her listen your mans about to go missing no point coming to the station singing
She done up singing but its calm cus me offica im in charge of the chingings leave no trace when it comes to the dippings
How can [?] leave man [?] in fields they left him dripper thats was peak like whats that n***a
Now opp boys doing up singer soon get touched soon get [?]
Offica im way to rude but the gyaldem love me this drill lifes way to funny
Skiddibop Skiddibop man i Skiddibop i might just do 2 bops with 2 2 airforce might just cop
Girl from the opp block thinks shes smart tryna set me up
She was shook when i cut her brother think twice before moving with the opps
Aye listen on paper them are drillers but on [?] they ain't on p*ss
They say my mouths way to sharp dog so is my f**kin blade
So if i see you best take take race i know big man dont wanna chase
Cus if i catch him in my endz he’ll be on his knees saying f**k his ends
Like what are you on?
Them man are f**kin clowns lol like what have you done
Little man got bored up now hes doing [?] on the ground (spasm)
Thats tragic and a hazard dont panic dont panic dont panic aye
Like question if i see opps in fields the stage is set will you play your position
Cus Offica man Harry Kane come quick like a hurricane
Girls know that im fly like Aladdin terrorise your ends then leave like *** ***** Forget Mo Salah forget him
Excellent finish Offica leave my man done up
Rest of your friends are runners stupid neeks know nothing about honour how can run with there [?] them man are neeks them man are runners


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