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Horse Head


[Verse: Wicca Phase Springs Eternal]
It's funny [?] you're calling my love
And I was f*cking faded when I saw you, love
I was boomin' and oppressive
I was acting like I owned that
I was in that uber texting, showing my love
In silence, I was best then
In new ways I could let you down
Or be passionate laying

[Sample: Penelope - Saosin]
Is it Dropsy?
Will your lungs swell?
It's depressing me
To see you struggle

[Verse: døves]
And did your lungs swell?
Yeah, were you really there?
I've been drowning in the silence of this mountain air
Saw you struggling
In the set, run away
Words dripping back down down your tongue
With you not even there
Pulling smoke into your lungs
Like you don't even care
In the back of the club, got like a hundred stares
All black with the clique, yeah, I was really there
Scars across my arms
Cold heart dead [?]

[Verse: Horse Head]
I've been so caught up
It gets easy to forget
I was out in Texas, I was chasing my love
Cut me with the switchblade, so the scars will open up
Everything gets black but my blood
I'm so lost
A million strands of your hair
Pull it back into a ponytail
I know you like to take control over me
Scars across my arms
Love me till I'm dead and gone

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