Diss On The Prince Family lyrics

The Prince Family

[Intro: Darion Cryer]
You already know what it is
It's Darion in the building you feel me
Follow me on Instagram
I'm about to Diss my big brother
To see what he's about
Let's get it!

[Verse 1: Darion Cryer]
I 12 years old now and I'm a bad bro
You trying to bend me form Texas adios
I don't even like you but I'll take your girl
Let me take you around the world
When I see you bro it's on site
I'm throwing hands
And you are about that life
DJ and Kyrie they're my sons now
All that internet talking boy calm down
For the record I'm the new king in own
Now princess show respect and bow down
To be honest Biancca really wants me
When we went out on a date she got real horny
She was telling me how I crossed you up in a We needball
I had her giggling after I made you fall
Yes she start telling me more stories
How your relationship is so dry and you are so boring
She said your and how you been musty
You need some cooking oil
For them lips are crusty
Since you got money go and buy some bleach
When she wash your draws
She said you have some doo doo steaks
King Darion & I'm out here killing it
Prince family are you really feeling this
I'm exposing your favorite YouTuber
He doesn't own any car he's always using Uber
You need to drop now we down soundtrack
You got 24 hours to respond back

[Verse 2: Darion's Dad]
Yeah boy just like my other son said
Don't let that YouTube bag go over your head
Yeah I'm still your dad and I will Jack you up
Disrespect me again and I will smack you up
I brought you in this world and I'll take you out
5 years ago you were sleeping on my couch
You got evicted cuz you didn't listen
Rushing to be grown now come and do my dishes
You better watch your mouth before you come up missing
I had the police out there on no speed boats fishing
I was going to make it I didn't really need you
Don't never fight the hand that feeds you
I talked to you how to crawl and walk
I paid for speech therapy cuz you couldn't talk
Don't come for me or Darion
You don't want to smoke you already know
Try to get this money about to punch this clock
Can you come back for this
Absolutely not!

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