Louis Logic
Double Fisted
[Verse One: Louis Logic (J-Love)]
I'll set the tone like a metronome
(Beat breaks to keep pace)
We paint the flow like a seascape
(On each take)
Pa**ed out to each MCs and DJs
(In each state)
So hot we offer rebate
(For cheapskate)
I cut you down to 3/8th
(Small size)
And all lies
(While we do more stunts than the fall guy)
Take your seat court side
(Cause our games perfected)
Leave a microphone cord tie
(In place of a necklace)
Forget your aspirations of making a record
(Cause anything you set we'll break in a second)
I'll make sure that your tape is neglected, disrespected
(Slit your neck kid and leave it disconnected)
We hit your section, and when we bounce your chicks is pregnant
(Even b*t*hes with fake t**s and they lips injected)
Diss this record? You n***as must be misdirected
(Let's just dead it, you spit for the cash, we get the credit)
Forget the edit
We only spit the street version
(We stay cursing and stay tight like teen virgins)
So who's the most obscene person on this green Earth?
(That's me sir, a pervert looking underneath skirts)
With each verse I'm worse
(So research the birth)
Cause when these words disperse
(They try to reverse the curse)
So we work the nerves on purpose with rhymes
(Plus we stay off the hook every time we switch lines)

We're The Odd Couple misfits, what's f**king with this?
Sl*ts and b*t*hes with fat b***s and big t**s
Too drunk in business, who loves to twist spliffs?
Double fisted and always up to mischief

[Verse Two: J-Love (Louis Logic)]
I lace tracks on an ADAT
(Till the tape snaps)
Light the finish line after eight laps
(At a race track)
I hate wack rappers with gay raps
(It's payback)
So take a long pace back
(Or leave with your face flat)
Take that
You can't beat The Odds
(The Couple spells trouble for ya measly squads)
And cheesy frauds
(You need to find a new racket)
Put you on our street team
(Rocking J and Lou jackets)
So who these wack kids?
(Some students in practice?)
You ain't paid dues in this rap sh*t
(Now who's on the black list?)
While you talk sh*t
We getting lifted like a fork lift
(Down the hatch another ounce of Jack)
Till we nauseous
(Forfeits and loses)
You're an open mic drop out
(Authors who's cautious)
Can't spit it off the top now
(We get rid of those who cop out)
So hop out the exit
(The medics is present)
Cause we deaded your brethren
(So get your refreshments)
Heineken and Corona
(And ounce or two of Malibu)
Yo, you should mix that with soda
(I told ya, I like it no chaser, straight up)
Ayo wait up, I need a shape up 'fore you get way drunk
(But J-Love I wouldn't drink enough to cut your face up)
Okay but don't get too buzzed then f**k my fade up
(C'mon it's gonna be a great cut like what we spitting now)
Alright than wake up, I'm the one that should be sitting down
[Hook] {x2}

"Louis Logic"
"It's illogical but not in a sense"
"I'm somewhat of a loner but the bottles my friend"
"I like to get drunk"
"Double fisting a bottle of Becks and a Vodka and Schepps"
"Louis Logic"
"Double fisted"

Why do you drink so much?
Well you see my structure craves and needs alcohol
I'm alright. My body is a drunk
Odd Couple baby

"Always getting tore the f**k down" - A Tribe Called Quest