Louis Logic
Best Friends
[Louis Logic]
Ap I'm glad I caught you
You know I'm 'bout to leave the pad on tour soon
And I thought you'd watch my lady while I'm gone dude

Yo c'mon Lou, of course that's cool, you're my f**kin' man
My fam, I mean damn, I don't got no other plans
We can rent some Blockbuster, catch a movie or two
But I'mma have to leave her home if there's some hoochie to screw

[Louis Logic]
Oh sh*t yeah, if there's some booty for you, handle yours, hit the bed
I ain't tryna c*ck block if you're gettin' head
Lick and spread that chick instead, but if not, you gotta watch my baby then
Cause most of my lady's friends are chickenheads

Yeah that's understandable, broads can be real influential
And keepin' a clean slate is instrumental in relationships potential
I'll run into the store for the doe if shes low
And try to keep her from runnin with clubbin hoes

[Louis Logic]
Word, I new there was a reason you're my brother yo

Of course Lou, your blood from another mother, no other bro


[Louis Logic]
Aiiyo Ap, wa**up its Lou
My bus is stuck in ?, I'm glad I trust you to watch my lovely boo
Aiiyo, y'all found some stuff to do
Oh word up, we just buggin dude
Tryna watch this flick, wanna talk to your chick?
Oh, hold up, she just went into the bathroom sick
See we was drinkin and sh*t and now we chillin on the couch
We was thinking of goin out but decided to lounge in the house

[Louis Logic]
Yo, lounge in the house? Bounce and be out?
What you mean shes sick, yo who the f**k you think you drinkin with
Your supposed to be over seeing sh*t
It sounds like all hell's breakin loose

Yo, your breakin up Lou and your trippin like I'm trickin with your chick
Stop bein a d**k actin like we fiendin to stick -phone hanging up-

Yo f**k it, don't pick it up, Lou's just bein' a j*rk
His goin berserk, his probably just stressed from all the work
Let's relax, sure we can cuddle, there's nothin' wrong with that
You can lay across the couch and put your head on my lap

Oh, what up b
[Louis Logic]
Don't what up me you f**kin a**hole
I dropped outta my tour and had to duck my last show
Whats goin' on with you and my girl, sl*tty a**hole
You f**kin' her, what you tryna ruin my world

Yo first of all kid, take that f**kin' tone out your voice
We boys but what you girl does is really her choice
Now she's sittin' lonely at home while your doin' your shows
Besides son, I thought it was bros before hoes

[Louis Logic]
So if your clothes come off while your chillin' with my sweet thing
I'm supposed to let her share her g-string
I'mma take that anniversary ring right back to Zales
Ask the sales girl to take back the pearls
Smack the curls off my ladies head and kill you for your treachery
You said you were my best friend, instead you got the best of me

Yo Lou, this sh*t is hectic B, I'm really not the enemy
It takes two to tango and we share the same energy
One night over some Hennessey we started messin sexually
And well, now we dealin with an unexpected pregnancy