Ella Henderson

"Let’s Go Home Together"

[Verse 1: Ella Henderson]
I'd never have given you a second look
But I like the way you don't give a damn
You seem like someone I could pick a fight with, and dance all night with
Baby, maybe you'll like me the way I am

[Pre-Chorus: Ella Henderson]
Even though you've got bad tattoos and smell like booze
I'm into you
Even though you've got an attitude
Baby, I'm in love

[Chorus: Ella Henderson, Both]
I've saying a little too much
I'm a little bit drunk
Feels like I know you so well
You could be everything that I've been missing
I'm coming out of my shell
And I never do that
How did you do that?
It's like I've known you my whole life
So what we're a little drunk
Let's go home together (Yeah, yeah)
Let's go home together

[Verse 2: James Arthur]
I'm never that good in a crowded room
But everything stopped when I just saw you
You seem like someone I could be myself with, no defenses
Maybe you'll like me the way I am
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