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Swizz Beatz

"Spazz Out"


You better fall back
n*gga gone with all that
I'm a big dog, got no time for small cats
And I been known most of you guys is all rap
Hiding behind rhymes, disguised in all black
I'm in the endzone moving the chains winning the game
9 of 10 clones saying my name to get in the game
Wait a minute homes, first of all let it be known
I'm bout that business homes
So all that flexing and the lyin' you can kill it homes
You just a cub I'm a lion don't forget it homes
Listen I'm out your division homes
My name's written in stone on the throne that I'm sitting on
Long term like in Great Britian homes
Spitting strong, in a zone
On the microphone I'm sickest known
Everybody's ego I be p*ssin' on
Getting blown riding through the city on
Big Chrome sitting under something that you thought I couldn't fit on anyway
Let's say we cut to the chase and get straight to the knitty gritty homes
The way you b*tch and moan like a broad you need titties on
And I'm straight don't get me wrong
Shawty I ain't into dudes
Talk about your music not about me in your interviews
Seem like every time I'm rapping I'm offending dudes
And I ain't even thought about you let alone mention

MLK, DJ Drama I just want these motherf*ckers to know I don't need no goddamn mix-tape homes
n*gga I got 150 songs n*gga
I got 150 songs on deck my n*gga
I mean like on some real sh*t I'll give this sh*t to you if you want it
If you really, all you gotta say is Tip we miss you dog
Tip we wanna hear you dog
Then I'll goddamn throw some sh*t out there homes
But don't goddamn come comparing me to no goddamn n*gga
Who done dropped 3 mix-tapes when I done dropped 7 albums n*gga
I don't wanna hear this sh*t n*gga!
f*ck you saying! n*gga my son got better songs than you n*gga!
Aye dig on some real sh*t next time I hear another motherf*cker
Comparing my album to a motherf*cking mix-tape
I'm a walk up to you my n*gga
And I'm a slap you with a stack of 50s
Think its a motherf*cking game!!
f*ck a Mix-tape n*gga!!!

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