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Swizz Beatz

"You Don’t Eat"

[Interlude: Diddy & Jadakiss]
Think I'm talkin' 'bout some money?
n*ggas on my comments page sayin' "Damn Diddy, leave some for the rest of us." (Uhuh)
n*gga you don't hustle you don't eat! (Point blank)
You don't hustle you don't eat, n*gga! (f*ck that!)
Hustle hard, you ain't never goin' hustle hard as me. (Top 5)
You think I do this sh*t for the money? (HA-HAAAEEH!)
I do it 'caus-

[Verse 1: Jadakiss]
Waited for luck it never landed (nah)
Stuck on your block forever stranded (yeah)
I live by the 10 Crack Commandments
Either you earn respect or you demand it
It’s the liquors vs the reefers
It’s the angel versus the reaper (uh)
You might not know but it gets deeper
You heard my name on the last verse of Ether (woo!)
You gotta come to the hood if you want to reach us
I’ll lay you down in the earth right underneath us
Same town just the poor parts
'Cause the beggars will disappear when the war starts
I’m still out here dog, I got war scars
You know me I'm from the bottom where the floor starts
When you street smart money your report card
I got the deck now I can pull a boss card (Top 5...)

[Interlude: Diddy & Jadakiss]
Just listen
Just listen
I'm giving you the blueprint to get it out here (Uh-Huh)
And you don't want to do what it takes. (Nah)
You want to stunt on your Instagram- (These n*ggas is playin')
-Takin' your motherf*ckin' selfies and you ain't hustling hard (Yeah)

[Verse 2: Jadakiss]
Yeah, by any means whatever it takes (whatever)
More or less life or death whatever the case
It's all about your stamina it's never the race
Re the bank back up if you ever ace (uh)
Hate so official they try fending you (uh)
When you die they don’t miss you they just remember you (yeah)
I sat down with the devil and did an interview (ha)
I shot rounds with the rebels I'm with the criminals
I put an end to you (yeah)
I save all the small talk for the interludes
I ain't finna lose I’m in a winning mood
I'm with the winning dudes (uh)
We good in every hood, my n*ggas been approved
Too much air, n*gga, they gonna pop your inner tube
The works A1, yeah n*gga and it moves
40s of coke in the sports bar
I’m still shining like the North Star (uh)
You just another n*gga lost pa (yup)
I got the deck now I can pull a boss card (Top 5...)

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