Swizz Beatz

"No Letters"

Intro (Meg & Dia)
Out of sight, out of mind
Out of time, to decide
Do we run? Should I hide?
For the rest of my life
Out of sight, out of mind
Out of time, to decide
Do we run? Should I hide?
For the rest of my life

Verse 1
I've poured it out for music, I've poured it out for b*t*hes
I've poured it so you'd use it
But they could cover up the stage, get rid of promised fame
My heart will never bleed for riches
Open up my stitches, peep the color of my very vicious blood, it's a cycle
I pour my heart for love, it's recycled
But take the time to listen so intently
My soul is driven from these very vivid visions in this crimson
Isn't it?
It's the blessing I was given, wow; no chance for choice
Only life I'd be living, now closely hear my voice
It's totally expected that my difference is unaccepted
Been refused and rejected, still remain unaffected
Tell me I'm demented, that the devil's got my soul, it's collected
That I'm lost in this world, I'm not connected
Either way you put it I'm a rebel caught in thoughts because the lessons taught have never left my thoughts
So tell me
What has the hatred brought?
Determination but attach the tears full of struggles, add the years full of trouble
Obviously my soul is humble
Seldom wondered why the higher power doubled any pain that bubbled
I just dealt with any stress I felt
Anything thrown I could juggle but now I'm at this point
Where I'm digging through my bones, searching deep through my joints
Tryna find an escape from this ugly world in chains
Quite the picture that I paint but it ain't so let me say that I'm far from a saint
Yeah, make sure that you remember, all of my words will speak forever
Cause no amount of letters will ever need to be written across these pages to spread the message that I'm spittin
I'm a monster with these words that I'm delivering
I've waited for too long but now I'll show you every reason as to why I belong
This pumps all through my veins and it's helped me guide and maintain any animosity that remains
So what is it that you're saying? My generosity is in vain?
That I'm constantly giving away this curiosity I contain?
I don't get it...if knowledge speaks then Ima spread it, wisdom listens
Turn all of your attention to see why there's tension always building behind my sentences
Leaking messages, tryna adjust your set of preferences
Stuck on chasing dead presidents, you're a slave to their eminence
Yet and still here I am tryna find another way to instill it in your brain that you're enslaved
Indulging in the content that they spray, that's why I stay away
Allowing myself the room and giving myself the time to bloom to be the elephant in the room
While you puppets dance in the fumes to all the rhythms of your doom
It's pathetic how you're consumed
Now I assume that you're confused since you're attempting to refuse any of this truth that I transfuse
I'm so poetic with this gloom
I could never become a counterfeit; where the f**k's the honor in it?
I've gotta be extra intricate when my mind reads deeper into it
This life is truly magnificent
I would never sell my soul for a piece of that gold just to achieve someone's goals by rapping what I'm told
That's just not the way it goes and I promise that my flows will be all my soul's knowin
You could see how I've grown
f**k the NDAA!
You could come and take me away but my thoughts you'll NEVER OWN.....
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