Swizz Beatz

"The ROC Freestyle"

[Intro - Swizz Beatz]
Swizz Beatz - that's me
Cassidy - that's him
Full Surface - the label
Ruff Ryders - the family
Let's get it cracking
I'm in the booth dog!

[Verse 1 - Swizz Beatz]
Here is something y'all won't understand!
I-I'm a skinny man with big plans
I got a big house, sitting on big, man
You act tough, you gon' end up in quicksand!
Oh no! Swizz a rapper!
f**k you, suck d**k, I'm sicker than these rappers!
Got a gun that'll ? you rappers
? beast so hard? John Gotti you rappers
Kaseem Dean, mean sixteens
I'm made my first ?deal? at the age of sixteen
A lot of n***as watching wanna live my dream
I earned this sh*t n***a, know what I mean?
Till y'all got a bill y'all
This money make a n***a wanna kill y'all
They might feel y'all, listen for real y'all
I know some n***as in the hood that need the deal y'all
My n***as Cass from the hood got a deal y'all
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