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Swizz Beatz

"Soundboy Kill It"

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Ay-yo, life's good, cashmere sweaters in the rover
Pull up at the club, getting love, pull em over
Jump out the luxury stroller for ballers
We sit, burn money all day, blow and roll up
Fine broads around, that's fly, that's a low ball
Paper settlin' its real for my gold club come up
You ain't even know nothing, last week all on the street
Yelling 'Let me hold something!'
Now shorty throw your booty up
n*ggas with cash
Keep it above, we in Louis stuff
Sit back, blasted, do me something
When it comes to you, me and this rap sh*t
I'm quick to toolie up
My style, my fly, my weather
Yeah I drive high plus fly
You a devil, you endeavor
Mean days in Ciroc with the kettle
Throwing cream at shorty's, love it, he a rebel

[Hook: Melanie Fiona (Raekwon)]
Watch the soundboy, he 'gon kill it
(To every ghetto that's far, we here.)
Yeah, watch the soundboy, he 'guan kill it
(I seen so many scars from it)
No, we can't turn back the rain
Now we gotta find another way
Cause we grind it, burn it, street life's
Got me caught up can't you...
Can't you see it's 'bout to blow?
Can't you see it's bout to blo-o-o-o-o-ow?
Raekwon, kill it!

[Interlude: Raekwon]
Ay-yo, wha gwan, you know what it is!
Assassin, soundboy gangsta, let's go!

[Verse 2: Assassin]
Well mi say bodybag a zip up like a ziploc (Blaow! Blaow!)
Murder soundboy, kill the disc-jock (Blaow! Blaow!)
8 ball lodge inna yu six-pack (Blaow! Blaow!)
Say "it wasn't me" like Rik Rok (Blaow! Blaow!)
Raekwon, we got the game inna we hand
Control the dogs like Cesar Millan
Assassin on the track yo, call it microphone-icide
Why? (Cause we murder every beat dat we on)
Then, soundboy yu dead and inna freezer you gone
Mi say you end up inna tomb, but anuh Giza yu gone
Raekwon a tell me, "Yo Assassin easy nuh man
Yu nuh fraid dem tek weh yuh visa mi don?"
Mi say no, sound fi dead, whole clique a dead
When mi say di sound dead, all di speaker dead
Amps dem, di control, all di tweeter dead


[Outro: Raekwon]
It's real, man
The Chef, Assassin, Melanie Fiona
Word up all my soundboy killers
The DJs, hold the fort down man, word up man
100 cases of motherf*ckin' Guinness
n*gga you know how we win this
Song feels so real 'til I finish this sh*t

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