Cold Hart

"All of A Sudden"

Need no one, no
I don't need no one (Yeah, yeah)
I don’t need no one (Ayy, ayy)

All of a sudden
We used to have it all, now it's nothing
You say you love me too, why you frontin'?
Yeah my heart is true, I ain’t bluffin', no
All of a sudden
They said they were my mans, but they wasn't
They switched up on me, man f**k them
Cause I don't need nobody but me

Had to get it on my own, juggin' on my phone
Earrings all gold, are you there all alone?
Cause I really wanna blow but I really have a show
Back on the road, why they hating on my bros?
Burberry shades, I was raised up in the beach
Let me in lil shawty, now we blowin' in the breeze
Tracy to the left and on my right is Lil Peep
Calling Yunggoth now we never finna sleep
They say things change for the better or the worse
Well I don't understand how real life works
I been in a haze, I been in a dream
You were next to me, we were sitting in the trees, yeah but
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