Cold Hart

Yeah, been making a lot of love songs for the ladies lately, huh
Cause I have crushes too easily, yuh
This one's for you, no face, no name, whoever the f**k you are
If I wanna f**k you or if I wanna kiss you
You're probably wearing longstockings though, huh?

Guess I fall in love too easily, but who I can blame, I'm too easy
It's true, stray cat, starry cat, want me for a pet?
Just give me love, affection, I'll be yours like infection
I'm the prettiest boy, I'm the softest teen
I'm a loner wolf, haven't had a bae in ages
Got a lot of b*t*hes like I'm based god
But they love my projection of my ego, simply not myself
But with you, I kinda feel something else
Like you kinda get me, in your hazey ways
Like you're Hazey Jane, wanna be my bae?
I can be your Parker, you're my Mary Jane
Girlfriend in a coma, I'm your charming man
Let's just take a ride, so you can love me babe


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