​R.A.P. Ferreira

First there is chaos
First there is chaos
First there is chaos
Order is later and always reactionary and always reactionary
A response attempting to exert control
Presupposing all principles of structure and aesthetics is will
Chaos is energy
Freedom is chaotic
The only natural law being there is no natural law
An artist is an agent of chaos
An artist being skilled in creation is necessarily skilled in destruction
An artist tends to craft
Because of this we advocate an abandonment of ideological purity
What is written hеre is not a system, or a school or a way, but actual sight
The agеnt of chaos
That is the artist is a spy
A saboteur of archetypes
Ingenieur, thief, criminal
Neither selfish or selfless
Unable to speak of community
We traffic through a clandestine network of iridian, viridian zones
The theater has no stage, no seats, no tickets, no walls
The real art would be the conscious act of deliberately beautiful life
We recognize this with the smirk of a trickster
I'm gonna avoid politics
I'munna not argue
I'munna not stick around
I'm ruthless
I'm sentimental
As a means of navigating history and extracting from it like a coal miner
I'mma vandalize what must be defaced
I'mma do what some kid will remember for the rest of they life
The universe wants to play
The universe wants to play
How 'bout sorcery?
That's a systematic cultivation of enhanced consciousness and non-ordinary awareness, as well as the deployment of such in the world of deeds and objects to produce desired results
So what you're telling me is the artist is a sorcerer?
The quality of perception defines the world through intoxication
So mundane in life
Sustaining and expanding on that requires activity called sorcery
Kings, hierophants, mystics, scientists, publicists, owners
All these people find an enemy in a sorcerer
Is poetry sorcery?
In dreams we are governed by love of sorcery
Art is fit for nobles and heathens
Ar— is-is an aesthetic of overcoming
Us are nomads preaching a ruthless cosmopolitanism
How about a two-hour work day?
I'm obsessed with art
Dance, poetry
I love love
I'm cultivating my perception
I'mma strive for an elegant laziness
I'mma strive for an elegant laziness

The Ruby Yacht is a festival, a band
A dinner party where all authority is dissolved in the conviviality and celebration
Peek my jubilee concept

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