Bravo the Bagchaser

"Yung Menace"

[Verse 1]
Boy, you had a b*t*h [?], big mouth
Daddy had a big house
Never in them streets cause yo' mama gon' flip out
You never hit a lick, whoa
Ran up in some sh*t, whoa
Went behind them bricks, whoa
Windows with the tint, whoa
Really out the mud, you ain't really out sh*t though
Married to the game since a youngin', I can't let go

[Verse 2]
Young menace, no heart
Walking with my chest out
Know I'm 'bouts to blow [?] if I'm 'bout to step out
[?] my mama [?]
All my life, I had her stressed out
Really 'bout my bands, yeah I pull up in a [?]
My youngin' don't throw the hands, they just bust a Tec now
Big thing to your face, I'ma watch you melt down
I done been through hell, dawg
I was in that cell, dawg
I ain't get no mail, dawg
They wanna see me fail, dawg
They wanna see me fail, dawg
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