Bravo the Bagchaser

"Let You Know"

[Chorus: BLE$]
I just wanna let you know that
If I die tonight, please don't cry
Just wipe your eyes and we'll ride
I'll be starin' down from heaven
And it's nothing but the same old thing
Same old gang, same old face
Suckers started hatin' cause I made some change
Got a foreign b*t*h, I ain't gotta speak anything
Now they wanna come in through to take my chain
Take my ring, take everything
But you know that I got pistolas

[Verse 1: Bravo Tha Locc]
And I f**kin' with you, is you f**kin' with me?
I show you some sh*t that you ain't never seen
Let's go to sleep and tell me 'bout your dream
Let's smoke some that weed and pour up some that lean
Promethazine with that muddy codeine
Stay by my side and just don't ever leave
Cause you know them b*t*hes was plottin' on me
And you know them n***as turned rotten on me
They went to sleep, they forgot about me
And if I ain't got no ride, who gon' hop in with me?
Shawty shine bright like a diamond to me
You everything that they dyin' to be
Remember them nights you was cryin' to me?
Remember them nights you was cryin' to sleep?
Remember them nights I was caught in the streets?
Couldn't answer the phone, baby, I'm so sorry
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