Bravo the Bagchaser

"Know Better"

(Speakin' on my bro, on my soul, you should know better)

[Verse 1]
Ain't nobody give me sh*t
b*t*h, it turned me to a go-getter
It was cold outside, you ain't had no sweater
City, this is my side, you n***as should know better

[Verse 2]
Speakin' on my bro, on my soul, you should know better
You know damn well everybody just folded up
Thought I could count on you, b*t*h, but you folded up
Look, lil b*t*h but you folded up
'Member them days when they counted me out?
Now my name stay all in they mouth
'Member them b*t*hes that counted me out?
Now they stay tryna f**k for the clout

[Verse 2]
b*t*h, I'm on sumn
Tell these n***as that I caught one
Ninety-nine b*t*hes, but none of 'em got a problem
Glock 18 if a n***a wanna start drama
They hate on me cause I'm young and I'm bossed up
Like how I smack and I swerve, b*t*h I know you do
Crash the four-door, pull back up in the coup
Act like you all that, but I never heard of you
Look, but b*t*h I never heard of you
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