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Bravo the Bagchaser


No hook on this b*t*h I'ma dive in
I just did 120 on the I-10
A n***a [?] going crazy you don't like him
You's a b*t*h say you broke so be quiet
Damn I just made a bag on a Sunday
You don't play with us we do gun play
b*t*h all I know is get money f**k fakes
Caught him on his own block he try to run away
b*t*h you know it don't work like that b*t*h
Spend that money then I get it right back b*t*h
Talking big you gon' meet this MAC b*t*h
All I like talking about is cash sh*t
But you should know that b*t*h I'm the bag chaser
All my n***as got foreigns drag racing
b*t*h its my time I been patient
You ain't never been through what I'm facing
That's just facts run it back from they b*t*h ass
n***a I had to f**k your b*t*h 'cause that b*t*h bad
If he talking 'bout a joint sh*t I been that
If you talking 'bout a boss sh*t that's what I am
I could hold all your dough but not hold your hand
I'm your pimp not your bae who you think I am
I pull up and tax you like I'm uncle Sam
If [?] that's my motherf**king right hand
Hit you with this FM your sh*t might jam
No hook on this b*t*h I go right in
No hook on this b*t*h I go right in

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