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Frank Black

"Halloween Mary (Sailover version)"

Ah, you think you look cute in your tin-plated suit
You don't need a can opener to get through to you
A wig hat on your head keeps your mind thinkin' straight
You're like the duchess of "in" dancin' on her golden plate
Ooh-wee, Halloween Mary

Rules are just tools for you to use when you feel
You're ridin' on a sports broom actin' like nothin' is real
Your bell-bottom beads always keeps you in style
Even the swami says you're wild for an October child
Woo, pretty scary, Halloween Mary

With your hypnotic eyes you see through everyone
The Saran wrapped bodies start lookin' for someplace to run
Your pointed red fingernails keep time to the tune
Your hands hold the earth and your feet's on the moon
And you're somewhere else, Halloween Mary

You never give an opinion, nod your head up and down
You're not lookin' for nothin', it's already been found
Your transistor boots lets you know where you're at
You're a rock 'n' roll singin' acrobat
Top ten, Halloween Mary

Ah, you've played every game, you've sung every song
You know you're always right, everyone else is wrong
Your subjects, they pray to you, three times a day to you
They're buildin' your shrine on Sunset and Vine
And to think that you're mine
Woo, something else, Halloween Mary

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