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FMB LongMoney

"Savage Vibes"

[Intro: Yung Ro]
You killed this sh*t, no cap
Yeah (Yeah)
Rrah, b*tch (FMB)
Rrah, rrah (Come here)
Damn (Yeah)

[Verse 1: Yung Ro]
Just bought my moms a crib (For real)
I know you wonderin' how the f*ck I feel (How the f*ck it feel?)
I ain't gon' lie, this sh*t feel good, yeah (It feel good)
'Cause I'm just a n*gga from the hood, yeah (I'm just a n*gga from the projects, rrah)
I came from jumping fences (Jumping gates)
Now I'm jumping in these b*tches in a pair of New Balencis (Come here)
I ain't your ordinary rapper, I'm fresh out the trenches (I really do it)
I came from sellin' rocks, I came from toting glizzys
Now I'm the hottest in the city, the gangsters f*ckin' with me (Gangsters f*ckin' with me)
They like, "The police askin' about you," I'm like, "Come and get me" (I'm like, "Come and get me")
I ain't gon' tell up on myself, so you ain't comin' with me (Grrah)
'Cause I don't really need your help, that Glock come with fifty
Brrah, b*tch
Glock 9 (Yeah)
I'm clutching on this b*tch at the stop sign (What you wan' do?)
One in the head, I don't gotta c*ck mine (Grrah)
And if I pull it out, shots firin' (Grrah)

[Verse 2: FMB LongMoney]
And the opps' mama cry 'cause they won't stop dyin'
It's Long
f*ck with my people 'nem, you know that sh*t be risky (Know that's risky)
Disrespect the gang, we get to spinnin' like a Frisbee
Pop an opp and pop champagne until I'm tipsy (Oh yeah, we lit)
And if I miss you, you know Krazymann assist me (Yeah, he get 'em)
Bob the Builder, we play with them tools (Them tools)
Play with gang and you makin' the news (Bah)
f*ck them politics, yeah, we be poppin' sh*t
Come to the streets, I don't play by the rules (Nah)
If it's smoke, only right I'ma gas him
This Draco hit you, make you scream like a pastor (Ah)
See I'm vegan, I run out of breath, you get hit with the 7.62, tryna wrestle
Pull it out, better duck, I'ma pop it (Boom)
Why these f*ck n*ggas mad 'cause I'm poppin'? (I don't know)
What's in your pocket? A rocket
The opps won't confront me 'cause they know I'm 'bout it
Know it's murder, keep a Glock when it's time to slide (Get him)
For the gang, let it bang, that's a homicide (Murder)
You f*ck with me or f*ck with them? You gotta pick a side (Pick a side)
And if you gotta pick the middle, well, you f*ckin' die
Dropped out of school, made it in rappin', all I know is shoot, uh (Ooh)
And if it's undercover pressure, what you wanna do? (What you wanna do?)
And I'm the same n*gga one deep or with my crew (One deep)
If I never learned nothin' in life, I learned to fight and shoot, uh

[Verse 3: Yung Ro]
Yeah, I learned to slang that iron (Slang that iron)
And I ain't worryin' 'bout no pressure, I'ma speak my mind (I'ma speak my mind)
Thinkin' 'bout my dead partner, I can't sleep at times (I can't sleep)
'Cause I want n*ggas dead, it's always runnin' through my mind (Rrah)
Like kill they whole house (Kill they whole house)
Strip 'em buck naked (Buck naked)
Pull that pole out (Pull that gun out)
Punch him in his f*ckin' mouth (In his f*ckin' mouth)
Knock his golds off
Knock his ass off his feet (Off his feet)
Leave him with his toes out (Yeah)
I just had a brick of dope, uh, but I sold out (Yeah)

[Verse 4: FMB LongMoney]
I sell whatever, only serve long as they payin' (Long as they payin')
n*gga diss me, no response, I'm droppin' bands (Hah, murder)
I send you to a place where you can't diss again (Nah)
Bag delivered, gotta send a n*gga with his dead friends (Haha)
That's the graveyard (Yeah)
I know he soft, but it's cool, I let him play hard (I let him play hard)
Catch him, stretch him, gotta hit him with this AR (Fah, fah)
We collide, God can't even come and save y'all (Hah, nah)
For real (Yeah, it's Long)
For real

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