Pianos Become the Teeth


On tuesday I got the call
That damn phone call
I’d been bracing for all week
No, don’t say it
I watched her crawl in bed with you
I watched her wet your lips
And couldn’t do a God damned thing
I watched you shake, I watched our hearts break
I couldn’t wrap my fingers around your spine
And shake it loose from the bone
I couldn’t fight against the loss
I never set fire to your bed
I never burnt the bed sores
I never ate the flame, or drank the sweat
But if it burns me up
I won’t char half as much as I’ll keep warm
Life goes on because it has to, these things
They never leave, they stay with you
The smell of the viewing
Your friends singing your praises
The flower boot that never bloomed until we lost you
The first Christmas we suffered through
Room 211, kissing your head
The last look into your eyes
Not having the words to say thank you
Say good bye
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