Pianos Become the Teeth


Too seldom sanguine
Always crying over closed doors
Oh, you should feel like you should
You should feel like you should adapt well with a wistful heart
I could never take it, but I'll give you your breath back
Infants and whales, infants and whales, infants and whales
They still have the holes there
Never proving to be born on time

You keep your eyes to the light
Between finger and thumb, finger and thumb
And the sky just laughs
As I stare at the grass, stare at the grass
The sun, the green, I want the snow years ago
I'll say it about routine
I can't wait, I can't wait
I want the genes, I want the era before me
I want ideas as imprints
I want the future, I want the future
I want your mistakes
What we were, what I was
What I'll be, what we'll see
Hunters only stop to see the scenery when they've caught up
When they've caught up, when they've caught up

Watching what we have in common
That makes us the men, makes us the men some love
The men some love
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